August 22nd, 2006



Made some walls hope ya likeys. So yea havent posted in like a decade. Its friggin like 2:30 am ish right now and im STILL awake! well part of the reason is bc i';ve been working on these 3 wallpapers for the past 3hours....i like making wallz ok!!!

-Ryo Yellow (NEWS, K8)
-Ryo Rainy (NEWS, K8)
-Jin Summer (KAT-TUN)
*OLD*(not as old as SUPER old)
-Keita (w-inds.)
-AKAME (Jin & Kame)
-Kame Dark (KAT-TUN)
-Daniel Wu (HK actor)
-CLICK-B blue
-Boy'z -Boy'z red&black
-Steven (Boy'z) -GACKT

(fake cut here...)

;O; a little favor plz~~!

;O; konnichiwa~~!

I'm here just to ask 4 a little favor ><!
I was wondering if someone could upload 4 me the 6th episode osf Sapuri?
cuz by torrent is taking too much time ><!
plz plz someone upload 4 me~~!
;O; plz!!!

or If some has already posted the link of thw download , plz tell me link cuz I haven't find it ><
well..thanx anyway...^^
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Something else... you can buy so many Kat-tun and Yamapi stuff here in Shanghai, I think I will have spent all my money on these thing before I can spend any in Japan. Even I more want to buy something of NewS or KanJani8, if there are a couple damned good looking Jin and Kame posters looking down on you in a shop, how can you resist them?! >.< I think I just looove Akame, whenever and wherever.. they are sooo cute!! So just for fun... An Easy Interview with Kame and Jin: What if...

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shoupon pink


Hawo!!! ^__^

I'm new here. In fact, I'm a new fan. A friend got me listening and now I'm totally addicted!! :D

And since I'm new, a present for whoever wants it, an AKame wallpaper I made ^__^

(resolution 1024*768 but if people want it other sizes let me know and I'll fix it)

Free Image Hosting at
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Sakura/ come back and haunt me

Introductory post. -waves-

Hi. I'm new here. I think introductory posts are allowed... -checks comm rules again- Yeah, I believe they are. =D

Anyway, I think I joined yesterday or something, but it was late, so I didn't introduce myself then.

So, you can call me Kaze, which is the name I use online mostly. I live in Hong Kong, but I study in England. I'm 13.

I kinda like to ramble, so I'll keep the rest of this post under the cut. It's really pointless rambling, mostly, so don't click if you don't want to hear me going on about useless things. But if you like ramblings (I know I do), click on teh cut!

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graphic banners

Made by request and can be used for LJ titles, user profiles, signatures, etc. Thought I'd share. Because JE eye candy is always pretty eye candy, no? Click on the preview images to see the post.

Contains: KAT-TUN (Dream Boys, MaruDa). MatsuJun. Yamapi. HYDE.