August 21st, 2006

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  • jiaen

Translation 14.09.03 SC

Hi! Here's another translation from me. It's a pretty old clip from 2003 where Kame talks about his butt-touching fetish. I've always wanted to know what Kame and Ueda (his victim) said exactly and I finally found the clip with Chinese subtitles. I'm not sure if this has been translated before ... hopefully not?

The clip can be found here. I don't know the name of the host so he's just a ?. If anyone knows, please enlighten me! He's Murakami Shingo from K8. Thanks atarashiiyoake.

ina has uploaded this particular SC episode on MU. It can be found on her lj here.

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I feel bad for making requests but can any kind soul upload Real Face Film Part 7 for me on either ysi or sendspace?? I've been trying for the past 3 days but neither youpload nor the http link works. Thanks!
Thanks abstraque!