August 18th, 2006


KAT-TUN MySpace Group

Ok... I have nothing to do right now... well I have many things to do but I don't feel in the mood -.- anyway...

So I started this new KAT-TUN MySpace Group for all KAT-TUN fans... hope you can post here all you like n_n

so here is the address...

By the way, I was thinking on upload some scans but I had troubles with my computer and lost lot of sutf... -_- hope I can give you some stuff soon! n_n

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[request] SC episode needed

I am looking for the Shonen Club when KAT-TUN and Kanjani 8 performed the songs from Dream Boys together.
Actually I am looking for the song that Subaru sang "1...2...3...knock down...." or something similar to that...^^;...
It is ok if you just let me know what date of that episode...
or it would be nice if you can ul for me...^^...
I want to rip full version of this song.
The one in Dream Boys 2006 had some lines between and it sounds so weird when i cut those out.
Thanks in advance everyone...^^...

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Hi I'm new in this community. I've heard of the band Kattun from Gokusen 2 but I never really thought much of the band. Then earlier this summer I went to Japan for an exchange program and the person who hosted me LOVES Kat-tun especially Jin. Naturally I was kinda weirded out by Kattun since she has like 7 or more posters of them all over her wall, a Jin fan, pictures of Jin all over her desk, a scrapbook with nothing but Jin pictures, kat-tun ring tone for her cellphone, jin wallpaper and just signed up to join the Kattun fan club. I also had to deal with seeing Jin's billboard everywhere in the train station dealing with docomo phones and pics of them in maganize covers in every single convenient store and train station stand I went to. During the trip she introduced me to their music and it wasn't as bad as I thought. (though I did get Real Face stuck in my head) So yeah I want to learn more about them since during the trip weren't very close and I want to closed the gap a bit. And in Japan, she took me to a Johnny's store in Namba (somewhere in Osaka) in which they had pictures of Johnny's bands all over the wall........literally. I bought some of them and decided to post them here! Sorry if my scanner sucks ^^U If used please credit please ^^U

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