August 17th, 2006

a little request

minna konbachiwa!!
i think that this is my first post here!! wooo~
well...i have a JIN request...anybody have this performance?? .and...that upload it for me??. if somebody have another performance from a song "ha-ha" will be ideal for me!! because the song makes me happy!!! upload it for me please!!! *puppet eyes*

thanks in advance!!
and sorry for my english {is like!! my englihs is tu much baaaad!!!}

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Hi, I'm a n00b. With a question.

Does anybody know where I can download individual Nobuta wo Produce episodes? I don't have nearly enough room on my poor laptop to get the whole 6-gig batchtorrent from d-addicts and am not knowledgeable enough to screw with azureus/firewalls/ports in order to get just a few files out of the whole schpiel. (I tried, believe me.)

Onegai? Thanks! :D
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I know this is old, but...

Would anyone be kind and upload Real Face PV for me? :D; I'm looking for the general one, but if you have the individual angles lying around somewhere, then by all means ^^;

Oh and--if it's possible, can you upload it to any of these hosts: or or ? I'm requesting for a friend and in her country, everything else is pretty much blocked. BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. I'll download and re-up it :3

Thanks ♥!

[fanfic] Akame - Falling Diamonds Part 1

Title: Falling Diamonds Chapter 1

Pairing: Akame

Warning: Major angst like in all of my fictions, it’s just too much fun to torture the people in fictions ^^; (better than any therapy lol XD)

Disclaimer: Story is mine, KAT-TUN isn’t (obviously)

Summary: Strange whispers, falling diamonds and hot sex in the hospital. Lol kidding.

here's the link


I hope you'll enjoy it ^^

girl // lips & sky

Jyannis Icon Dump

So after almost a year of not making icons, I cannot resist the temptation anymore. XD
My first Jyannis icons batch.

[5] KAT-TUN (including pairings)
[8] Kamenashi Kazuya
[4] Akanishi Jin
[1] Tanaka Koki
[1] Ueda Tatsuya
[5] Tackey & Tsubasa (HO! Summer-ing)
[2] Takizawa Hideaki
[1] Imai Tsubasa
[3] Arashi
[2] Matsumoto Jun
[4] Sakurai Sho
[1] Ninomiya Kazunari
[1] Nishikido Ryo

Jyannis took over my life and now I'm in rehab. NOT. Though I really should be.