August 15th, 2006

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A friend just recently played me a couple KAT-TUN songs, and I was instantly hooked, so I was wondering if people could point me in the direction of some good songs to download so I can stick them on my ipod and listen to them?

many thanks!

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Help Please

I'm having trouble on using megaupload.  I just don't understand how to use it, there are files I would like to download, but they use megaupload.  If somone could show me how to use it then that would be great.  Also to make this post KAT-TUN related here are some MP3s.

P.S to all the people who are waiting for me to upload MP3s that I've posted awhile ago, please wait another day or 2 because I'm busy getting ready for school.

People might already have these MP3s so yeah.....

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Maru's hips don't lie
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The CUTEST I ever saw!

I dunno if anyone has seen this...its pretty old...I mean...KOKI HAS HAIR! O__o
But this is the CUTEST video I've ever seen of Jin....
I feel a lil' bad for him...

My fave part is with the pillow fight...I think I saw Maru round house kick him!
And the katana with Kame...had me REALLY laughing!

::wonders what the sensei is gonna do to him::

Slumber Party with KAT-TUN! >n<

Maru&#39;s hips don&#39;t lie
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I'm Sorry....

I hate to post again while it being so close to my other post....
Gomen all!

But I have a small request...
Is there a "My Boss, My Hero" Comm.? Or Fanfic Comm.?
::has thoughts of fanfics::

Why does Koki have to be so darned cute?!

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Cast your votes minna!

Besides the CM awards voting a couple of posts below, KAT-TUN is also up for the Kashu-Navi Internet Music Festival Ranking Charts, which is basically a Japanese Jpop internet music awards thing.

If I'm not wrong, voting ends on 1st December 2006 and the top artist (top 1 or top 3, I'm not sure) will be presented with an award by Kashu-Navi AND they will be performing at the annual Internet Music Festival. (I think, again. Sorry! This is what I gathered... if there's something wrong with my info please correct me)

So please support KAT-TUN and cast your votes HERE! You can vote again every hour. They're currently at 5th position in the artist ranking with SIGNAL at 4th and REAL FACE at 17th in the song ranking.

Edit: To vote, you see the left sidebar on the main page? There's a bright orange button with the words 投票 on it. Click on it and there you go ^_^