August 14th, 2006

yoroshiku minna + request Koki- Shorty mp3

Hi everyone! Nice to meet all of you, this is my first posting on this lj. I've just gotten into KAT-TUN this summer and I have to admit this lj has so many goodies that has got me hooked! ^__^ Thanks everyone for posting great vids!

Also gomen....m(_ _)m..... does anbody have an mp3 rip of Kioki singing Shorty ? I am in love with that song !

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I´m yuysamadarkseed but this is the lj of my sister because she is who in this comunity
wondering did anyone have the KAt-TUN part in the uatawara 23th of July??? Thank you so much if you do!! please! 
I had nothing to give in exchange, just those few pics, Hope you could help me , please!
Thanks very much for this and sorry for this problems
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not your one night stand

A request and bribes

Hello all. I have a request as stated in the title. Anyways, I was hoping someone could upload the an mp3 version of "FREEZE" (by KAT-TUN obviously) since I don't know how to rip mp3s from videos... *sigh* I've been so addicted to this song. >_<

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Hihi minna~ ♥

I have a few requests. Would anyone happen to have the following clips?

Akame Evidence Day 1 (I've seen this on youtube, but I don't have it. :x)
Akame Evidence Day 2
Akame Evidence Day 4

If you do, could you please upload it for me? (ysi, ss, mu, or almost anything else works for me) I would love you forever and worship you for the day!! xD And my bribe would be that I could upload any of the following clips for you~

Akame Evidence Day 3
Akame Evidence Day 5
Akame Evidence Day 6
Akame Evidence Day 7

and I have a lot more Akame related clips, but I'm too lazy to list them. So if you're looking for something Akame related, you can ask me and I might have it! Then we can trade! xD Thanks for reading! I hope that someone can help me~ ^__^ Akame forever~ ♥ I love jodyn for doing the Akame Evidence Week thing~ xD Heehee~ And if I happen to be breaking any of the comm rules, I'm terribly sorry. :x If this post isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.

EDIT: THANKS SO MUCH emeree and aishriena for uploading/directing me where to find the clips! I got all the ones that I wanted. ^__^ Thanks again!!!
沢尻エリカ ; 幻想

[News] KAT-TUN in August Nittere CM Award

I've been spamming this comm recently, sorry if I hurt your friend page xP

We always talk about how we love KAT-TUN's CMs, that's why NTV (Nittere) is having a CM award in which KAT-TUN was nominated in all 3 categories. I think they have this award every single month? I don't quite get what it says, but these nominations are for August. All names are order according to Japanese aphabet (how do you call it? =o= )

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Official site: Nittere CM Award 2006
Credits: KAT-TUN Mania

Eh I forgot to mention, you can vote for them, gomen.

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