August 13th, 2006

[Akamepi] Temptation 2/2

Title: Temptation (2/2)
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Akamepi
Summary: Jin and Yamapi go to the beach for a summer vacation, and find something out of a fairy tale.
A/N: Inspired by this icon, which I thought made Kame look like a mermaid, but it would be really hard to write mermaid pron. And then I remembered a legend about beautiful women in sealskins, and it devolved from there.

Part 1

( Don't you like me? Kame asked softly, fluttering the back of his hand down Yamapi's bare arm, and Yamapi sucked in a deep breath. )
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In Need of a Jin Gyration.

Hello everybody. I have a very peculiar-ish, specific request. Jin related, as you can see from my icon. 

I am looking for a performance in which our King of Hip Gyrations (aka Bakanishi) is gyrating like usual, starting off slowly, then he increases his speed (in gyrating), and then he actually physically moves on stage in a circle, so he's gyrating within gyrating. So like, as he turns a 360 degree, his hips are moving in circles.

I hope that made sense. I saw this in an animation at the Baka no Sakai and showed this to my friend and yeah. And now we want a copy of that performance or whatever.

And for those who do not know what "gyrating" means. I have attached a definition from the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

1. to turn around and around on a fixed point, usually quickly
2. to dance, especially in a sexual way:
A line of male dancers gyrated to the music while the audience screamed their appreciation.

 ROFL. The defintion of "gyrate" cracks me up too much.

Edit: Thank you to among_the_lost!! <333

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Sapuri/Suppli OST + Request

In short, I have the original soundtrack to Kame's latest drama for download HERE!

However, what makes me want to scream in frustration is that the main theme to Suppli (aka the One Unknown Track sung by KAT-TUN) isn't included! WHY JENNIFER?!?! In fact the track that says "SUPPLI -MAIN THEME-" is more of an instrumental of some unknown song? I have no idea... why doesn't a drama's OST include its supposed main theme?

But still, "SUPPLI -MAIN THEME-" is a GORGEOUS piece of instrumental piece of music. Actually the OST has pretty good instrumentals, so even if the mysterious KAT-TUN song isn't included you may still want to give it a go ^_^

On another note, will anyone who has the 2005.10.08 episode of KAT-TUNda! be able to upload it for me? *tears* Please? MU hates me and won't let me dl it from Himitsu and the only CB link I found doesn't work...
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musicstation60719-kattun hardsubbed

Hihi~ ♥ chiaki is back with more gifts to spoil minna~ ^__^ Isn't that great? Since everyone is probably downloading Utawara, you can download this while you're at it~ XD And did I manage to get the colors to work for me? Nope. But I figured that minna wouldn't kill me even though the subs weren't color-coded, right? As long as it's subbed~

I think from now on, I'll only do the format where it mentions who's talking. And it doesn't mention the name all the time. If the same person continues to talk, the name won't be mentioned. (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, a good example would be the ms clip where they talk before their perf.) OHHH~ The screencaps made by me! ^o^ They didn't focus on Jin in the talk, so I couldn't make caps of him. XP

Collapse )

White Roses [Akamepi]

Title: White Roses
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Akamepi
Summary: Yamapi dies, then comes back to life. Kame knows things, but isn't telling. Secrets abound, and Jin doesn't know what's real anymore.
A/N: Another odd AU. I was just struck with the image of Jin sitting on a cliff, mourning Yamapi's death. And then, this happened. I have no idea where this came from, and no idea where it's going.

( Kame rubbed absently at the bruise on the inside of his arm, remembering the taste of blood in his mouth. 'He'd come back for you,' and Jin flinched sharply, hugging the jacket tighter around himself. )

Don't lie, but does anyone want to read any more of this? I'm not sure if I want to write more of it, myself. X.x I feel like I'm going to have nightmares now. Thanks a lot Kame.
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anyone know where i can find...

i'm hoping this will be allowed... i need help finding the july 20th episode of "tunnels/food prejudice king" game show which Kame along with his costar from sapuri, itoh misaki, appear. here's a clip from the show on youtube, which kame has to sing seishun amigo all by himself at the end. it's funny to see him try not to crack up laughing! there's another clip from the same show on youtube, but the rest is missing. which is why i want to find where to download it. any help is appreciated!
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