August 11th, 2006

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[Selling] Myojo and Popolo - September 2006

Hello :). I hope it's alright to post this here, but I'm currently selling the September 2006 issues of both Myojo and Popolo via ebay. I've just returned from a trip to to Japan, where I was able to pick up various Johnny's goods, and I ended up with duplicates of these two magazines. Being idol magazines, they heavily feature the Johnny's boys--including KAT-TUN--so I thought they may be of interest to the members of this community. They do, of course, feature many photos and (Japanese) interviews with our favourite pretty boys. But I expect most of you will have seen scans of such magazines around here frequently, afterall! :P

I will gladly post worldwide, but I live in the UK--so this may be of particular interest to any British KAT-TUN/JE fans out there (why don't we have kinokuniya and such over here?!). If you wish to see more, scans of the insides of the magazines can probably be found at on various LJ communities (though I take no credit for any scans!).

The items can be found here. Thank you, and apologies for cluttering up the comm! :)
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[FIC] Underhanded 4/4

Title: Underhanded 4/4
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: KAT-TUN; NewS; w-inds.
Pairing: AKAME ANGST, Kamepi, Pieta, Kameta
Summary: Yamapi is woken up in the middle of the night by Ryo, who's set him up on a blind date with Keita from w-inds., and then Kame makes him actually GO to the blind date, only they run into Akame, go watch Initial D together, Kame gets jealous when he sees Yamapi making out with Keita, Jin gets jealous and says stupid things, and the crack hits a wall and turns into such terrifying Akame angst.

LIES! ALL LIES! | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Think Fast Jin! |

Underhanded | Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

( AND THE END. WHERE THERE IS MORE AKAME ANGST, RYO MAKES HIS REAPPEARANCE, AND SHIT HITS THE FAN. Read if you love Ryo, because he is awesome. And....pity Keita. Because he is a poor poor innocent w-inds. boy and is really out of his league with the skanky JE crew." )


Hello everyone~! ^^ I'm kinda new to KAT-TUN and JPOP really, but not to Japanese music. o_o I thought I'd never like POP again, but KAT-TUN WAS TOO GREAT~! `~`;; I have been listening to KAT-TUN for maybe 3 weeks already and LOVE THEM lots~

I have some questions ^^ Since I am new~
I dont know how old any of them are and I'm curious!!
Do any of them play any instruments? I think Ueda plays guitar..? But I'm not sure.
And where is a good site with a lot of KAT-TUN pics?? I needs more pics~!!! I must PWN my computer with KAT-TUN

Also if anyone has the making of SIGNAL pv `~`;; can you be kind enough to share with me??

I made some icons too ^^ Hope u guys like. AND THANKX~

Teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Tatta5 - Neahime
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Signal Limited Edition.

Hey everyone,
you might remember me from the KAT-TUN debut boxsets... this time I just came back from Japan and I actually helped a friend buy a Limited ed of Signal from there and so happened after the first couple of days I could find it and when i finally did she got the normal ed online. So now I have an extra copy of it and am looking to sell it off. If you are interested drop me a comment with your best offer not including shipping and i'll respond to the person who gives me the best offer... I'm looking for an offer around 15USD... minus shipping as i did have to like search through like 20 record stores just to find it. I ship worldwide.

EDIT:: currently highest offer is 20USD w/o shipping
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50 Jin Icons challenge [Complete]

Done with the Jin icons!

... do I need to say gomen for spamming this community with icons? I've said that like hundred times already. XD
Anyway, yes I'm done. 50 Jin Icons for you! I think they all suck, especially the icons I made in the end. ;_;

.. what's up next? No I don't think I will make 50 icons challenges with all the members. I'm kind of tired of making icons at the moment. I think I'll just do random KAT-TUN icons.

Comments are always love, and please credit if you use.


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