August 10th, 2006

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[FIC] Underhanded 3/4

Title: Underhanded 3/4
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: KAT-TUN; NewS; w-inds.
Pairing: AKAME ANGST, Kamepi, and a tiny bit of Pieta crack
Summary: Yamapi is woken up in the middle of the night by Ryo, who's set him up on a blind date with Keita from w-inds., and then Kame makes him actually GO to the blind date, only they run into Akame, go watch Initial D together, Kame gets jealous when he sees Yamapi making out with Keita, Jin gets jealous and says stupid things, and the crack hits a wall and turns into such terrifying Akame angst.

LIES! ALL LIES! | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Think Fast Jin! |

Underhanded | Part One | Part Two |

OMG JIN. OMG! YOU ARE SO STUPID. BUT SO SINCERE. Even if you don't like Kamepi, or Pieta, just. Read it for the Akame, because I think it's going to end up Akame after all. I actually you can read this section without the rest of it, because it. just. STOPPED BEING CRACK. BECAUSE AKAME HURTS MY SOUL. )

I promise to post the rest tomorrow, I'm going to go cry in my corner now. *runs away*
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[request] old videos

I made the same request at kame_daily yesterday but no one seemed to have it. In hopes that other fans that are not members of that community may have it, I post these requests here as well.

1) Does anyone have this YouTube vid? It's young KAT-TUN being interviewed by Hasegawa Jun. He asks them to vote on certain questions along the lines of "Which member is ___?" I know I could rip it straight out of YouTube but I would like a better quality, if it is available. I learned yesterday that it is from a Shounen Club episode.


2) Does anyone have that Hadaka no Shounen episode where Kame brought a turtle with him to the set?

I unfortunately cannot use Clubbox so could not search for them there. I can download through bittorrent if someone would rather point me to JPOPSUKI or some other tracker. I don't know the episode dates however.

I offered these pictures yesterday as some sort of compensation. ^_^;; Lame, I know, but as you can tell, I do not exactly have a great library of KAT-TUN clips. I download most of what I have from this community so you all likely already have everything that I do have.

Someone did ask for these clips yesterday. In case anybody else wants them:
Shounen Club [2005.10.16] - Jimmy Mackey, Yabu Kota, Kamenashi Kazuya & Imai Tsubasa's Short Talk - YSI link; 9.15 MB
Shounen Club [2004.11.21] - Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya & Imai Tsubasa's Short Talk - YSI link; 11.6 MB
Utawara [2006] - KAT-TUN, Takki & Tsubasa, and the hosts of Utawara's Talk - Sendspace link; 36 MB

I'm so sorry for the huge request. Thank you.
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mezamashi060719-kattun hardsubbed~

This is my first time (hard)subbing a file, so criticism/comments would be nice. ^.^ Much thanks to everyone who replied in my other post asking which format you wanted the subs to be in~ <3 Regarding this clip though, I hardsubbed the file in ALL of the formats I mentioned. Well, at least I was planning to do all of them. -.-;

The color coding subtitles aren't working for me. *sniffles* I use Subtitle Workshop to sub the files, and the colors appear on the video preview and everything. When I save it as a .ssa or .srt and join the subs with the video though, the colors are gone and replaced with the original black and white. I've retried over and over again, but nothing works.

I was planning to use Substation Alpha instead, but the program won't install. ;__; Some error message appears saying that my computer can't install this type of program or whatever... *sighs* So until I find a solution on how to create color subtitles, there will be no version of this file with color coded subs. For now, here's the file with the other two formats. Sorry to minna who prefered having color coded subs. (which was almost everyone >.<)

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#8 Jin text icons.

Yees, text Jin icons. Guess what text it is. XD Well, random jinglish and two icons with the the ha-ha lyric. Know people have made icons like these before but I had to, because Jin's english pwns me. ^^

Again, I'm spamming this community. Hope you don't mind..
Credit me if you use. Comments are always appreciated.


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[FIC] Love Me, Love Me Not + request

Title: Love Me, Love Me Not
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: JinDa, Akame, KamexJunno (what do you call this pair??)
Summary: Jin and Ueda are together but has Jin really let go of his past with Kame? And what will Junno do about his feelings towards Kame?

uhm, I fail at summaries so please read on!

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Request: I'd like to request for the video of Ueda singing "Love in Snow" in concert. The one where he's wearing the feathery white outfit. Hope someone can upload for me by ysi. Bribe = fic? *points to above*
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Bakanishi Clips

I've noticed that a lot of people are wondering what's with the "WHY JENNIFER!?" and Jin references. I uploaded the Dumb Jin fanvid before so why not share the Bakanishi love, right? This fanvid is basically the compilation of Jingrish with the infamous "Why Jennifer!?" plus the helicopter reference, "Car Shrimp, "Japanese OK?" and general bakaness (pool slide competitions, female tiger costumes, ballet lessons and more, which I forgot). XD

I don't know who made this but if you are the maker, give me a heads up and I'll edit this post immediately, mmkay.

So who could resist clicking this?

EDIT: If you want to go straight to the WHY JENNIFER part, it's around 4.46. Enjoy~
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