August 9th, 2006


[fic] 25 sentences more

Title: 25 sentences more
Author: cabernet_shiraz
Pairing: Akame
Notes and Warnings:Thanks to madbunni for introducing me to the Random Word Generator (, which I used in writing this. Anyway, this may be saccharine sweet, bordering on extreme fluff and sap, because I seem to be incapable of writing Akame any other way. XD And I don't seem to like this much. Yeah. Anyway, comments are appreciated.


Yay! My first fake cut!


Juuuuust wondering if anyone here knows where I can get a nice KAT-TUN/Jin/Akame layout? I've a paid account, and I'd really appreciate it if someone can point me in the direction of a snazzy layout XD

Thanks in advance! ♥
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Akame wallpaper

Yes, an akame wallpaper. I didn't plan to make an Akame wallpaper. I started to make icons with Jin, then I wanted to try to photoshop Jin and Kame together in a picture. It was hard, I gave up but, then I found two pictures of Jin and Kame. I had Michael Jackson's song Black or white on my brain and so.. this wallpaper was made. XD Only have it in 1024x768. Gomen. ;_;

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