August 7th, 2006


06.08.05 24 hours TV opening SP

24 hours TV opening SP is on babykame's CB now for either LQ10m42s/HQ11m48s
It includes how they came up with the T-shirt design, how Jin/Maru + Junno/Ueda is visiting people with incurable diseases, Kame's SP drama preview and many CMs in between

I'm still uploading [very slowly] onto SS and MU [it'll take ages trust me], but if anyone has a faster connection is willing to upload I really appreciate it^^
Well, like always...screencaps..
(except...if you're not a Jin fan don't bother clicking)

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Toshiya [dir en grey]

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I have two little requests. :D

No.1: I search JinDa pictures. Does anyone have it?
No.2: Does anyone have pictures from Tatsuyas shoulders? Because I want to make a little colorbar of that.

Thanks in advance. ♥
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Some of this icons were made last month or so and some are made last week.

[27] Icons
[2] Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children


[1] Kingdom hearts (Namine)
[5] Naruto
[5] UVERworld
[7] Xenosaga 3

Teasers :


More over here
drink - blood splatter

Signal Limited Ed. / Clubbox

Okay two things I'd like to address in this post ^^;;;

1) Signal Limited Ed.

It seems there's more than one person who needs a copy of this. I happen to have three: one for myself, one I'm giving away for free in my forum, and one more I don't know what to do with =D' I'm not interested in money. What I am interested in is a) Johnny's Junior Calendar 2005-2006 with the Akame in bed photoshoot b) Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo Limited Ed. Single. (which I did have but foolishly traded it away... and now i regret it ^^;;;) c) something else with a lot of Akame lovey-dovey-ness =D

2) Luvnremember Clubbox

Cutting to the chase: I don't have the time or resources to keep updating the clubbox T__T So more likely than not, it's going to die. I've managed to upload 67 hadaka no shounens (all labelled and in chronological order) and about 70 out of my 100 or so shounen clubs (Also labelled with the correct dates of when they first aired). These files took me a year to acquire and over 3 months to upload on my turtle speed internet. Please help yourselves to as much as you want before the box dies =D (You can find them under Kat-tun - Variety Shows - Show Name) The box will die in about 1 or 2 weeks =O

(ps- don't worry about not being able to get HesF releases. I've procured some lovely distro ladies to help out. you might find their names quite familiar ;P plus the johnny's jr clubbox will have them =D )

hope this post is enough on topic ^^;;; apologies if it isn't ^^;; sorry if it was too long... I have a tendency to ramble a lot D=


Well is the first time I post here xP recently I founded this community and I've gotten a lot of material from here... thanks to all of you who post it!! n____n

and to give thanks and copperate with you... I decided to upload some scans from the KAT-TUN's Limited Box-set from their debut  =D I know that maybe most of you already have them, but well xD

 if you have something to request go ahead! xP

enjoy it!! so sorry for the quality LOL

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[fic] kioku; Akame

Title: kioku (2/?)
Author: forochel
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Akame
Summary: Kame loses it and mauls Jin in the attempt to bring him over to the Dark Side of the Force, because the Dark Side is infinitely sexier when Obi-Wan Kenobi is dead.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never mine. I DON’T WANT THEM. I think.