August 6th, 2006

Sapuri <3 Community

Because there is not enough Sapuri love in the world. XD. Come and post wallpapers, scans, icons, fic, random rambliness and fangirling! Please? <3

I'm really sorry is pimped like whoa, but er, anything for more love? XD.

Here ya Go

I have all these MP3s but I never shared, so here are the ones I got from people, you might already have them. Just comment on which one you'll like.

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I only use sendspace and yousendit, anyways just comment on which one you'll like ^-^ 

EDIT : uhh yousendit seems to hate me right now, so only sendspace ^-^'

Sapuri Episode 1-4 uploads

If anyone missed any episodes of Sapuri, come get them here! Kame is so much love, so er, if you've seen all the eps, come fangirl over him at the Sapuri comm because he, and Sapuri, need more love.

And to make this not a complete spammy post, here's a clip of shounen club where everyone aka KAT-TUN, NewS and some other random people I don't know blow kisses at the camera. I have no idea what episode it is, but it's adorably cute, and Kame's kiss is definitely the most extravagant one. XD. They even drag him up to the front and er, say things I don't understand. ;_;

which format do you prefer?

Yosh, my second post in this comm I believe. ^.^ But sadly, I do not come with gifs or any gifts at all for minna. :x Forgive me nyah~? Gifts will come later, the sooner you people give me your opinion! ♥

Lately, I have been soft/hardsubbing projects! Yay! <3 from out of sheer boredom? I don't know, but it's fun and makes me feel productive!! XDD I get translations from people who are so kind enough to translate and allow me to use the translations. I do all the other stuff like timing, encoding, etc. The problem is this: I've already finished hardsubbing one file, but I'm not sure if people like the format of the subs or not. So before I post it, I want your guys opinion! I can change the way it is currently as long as people like it that way. ^o~

First option: (mentions who's talking)
Kame: blahblahblah
Jin: blahblahblah
H: blahblahblah

Second option: (different colors of each person)
blahblahblah (whatever kame says will be in green)
blahblahblah (jin says will be in orange)
blahblahblah (host says will be in black)

Third option (plain; no mentioning or colors used)

Please tell me which you like better. (or else chiaki will just switch back and forth randomly or just do it the way she likes it) By just saying 1, 2, or 3 in your post helps me a lot! ^.^ Thanksyuu~ ♥ (and if this should go under a lj-cut, just tell me and i'll do it.)
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Some random old performances

Hellooo everyone :) emi_akachan here. I've undergone a name change though so expect to see more of emeree XD

And with the first post here from my alter ego, I've got some three old performances to share. Many of you may already have them, but as usual I want to share anyways. Heh.

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