August 5th, 2006

Help again

Thank you for everyone who is helping me with Mp3 versions of songs, but can I ask a question?  For some reason my laptop can't sense my Ipod when I plug it in, and I've been plugging it into different USB ports for the pass 15 minutes but the itunes still won't pop up.

To also make this KAT-TUN related, ummm let's see umm.......still thinking.........ummm......I mention KAT-TUN right.....does that count......oh wait how about if your are uploading the KAT-TUN songs in a zipped file then it's okay.......does that count too?

Updated list

Arigatou to all the people who uploaded songs for me, I still have a few left that I want, and heres the listy thing.  Sendspace or Yousendit isokay, just please not megaupload.

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Thanks to lovelovearashi for uploading most of the KAT-TUN songs, all I'm really looking for now is solos and stuff.

EDITED: Yay!  I'm done, thanks to everyone who helped me out and uploaded the songs.  Anyone else who wants to can feel free to download these songs too :D
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quick question


i just have a quick question for you all... what program do you use to extract a PART of a video file from the whole thing? while retaining the video quality, that is.

thanks in advance, and here's a leftover link in case anyone wants it:
(on sendspace) kame's saiaku no date worst date

speaking of saiaku no date's, does anyone know which number matsujun's is?

again, thanks!
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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

more iPod stuff

Episodes for Gokusen 2 4-7 are up now.

Some people bring up a good point--if you want to DL Gokusen 2 or NwP and don't mind watching it at iPod quality on itunes or Apple Quicktime (obviously its not going to be extremely clear or BIG like original ones), then feel free to! It saves a lot of space becuase orignal files are like 700 MB but in this kind of format, episodes are around 100 MB each.

So if you're interested, click to my livejournal which has absolutely no decoration can someone please show me how to change the layout cuz its so freakin boring.
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[fic] Pretend

Title: Pretend
Author: dark_n_silence
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Can you at least pretend to love me?"
Notes: I don't know where this came from. I had this idea last night, but it wasn't Akame when I first thought of it. It was originally Jin and Ueda. ._. As I thought about it, the more and more I wanted it to be Jin and Kame. So here it is. 

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I feel like I'm being rude asking for all these downloads from everybody T.T
here are a few more that I'm looking for, gomen if this is annoying

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Again I'm sorry if this is annoying but if you do have any of these songs, can you upload it on either sendspace or yousendit because megaupload is confusing for me so I don't use it.
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Regarding Recent Posts and a Poll!

I just want to give a small reminder to all of you to keep posts related to KAT-TUN. I understand there are a lot of recent KAT-TUN dramas lately, and you want to um, do a lot of different things to the video, but if you have questions, at least keep them related to KAT-TUN. At least mention our lovely fandom in your posts, so it doesn't make it seem that you're just posting questions here out of convenience or whatever.

So, now that I've got that out of the way, I have a poll for you guys!! *dances* I've been thinking of creating a poll for a quite a while now, but I never got a paid account to do so, but now I have! Yay!

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50 Jin Icons challenge [25/50]

"This isn't for an icon challenge community or something.. I do it only for selfish reasons. I got inspired by shatteredtenshi with her challenges, and I decided to do one myself.
But I wanted themes, so.. this "brilliant" idea came up in my head.
You know you can choose what mood you are in when you're posting at your journal? I picked 50 out of the ones you can choose between and used them as theme's for my icon challenge. XD

Yes, I'm already back with more crappy shiny Jin icons! Now I'm half way trough! XD
(kind of including one akame and one marujin icon, so hurry and go to the fake cut. :D)

..and comments are always love, and please credit if you use. ♥


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