August 4th, 2006

Sum Bok Gong Center

hi i'm new and i was Hong Kong's Sum Bok Gong center there's a shop that sells johnny/Jrs and especially KAT-TUN's stuff...can somebody tell me how to get there?? such as directions INSIDE the mall from which elevators to which the shop is called thanks so much! ^^!!!
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50 Jin Icons challenge

This isn't for an icon challenge community or something.. I do it only for selfish reasons. I got inspired by shatteredtenshi with her challenges, and I decided to do one myself.
But I wanted themes, so.. this "brilliant" idea came up in my head.
You know you can choose what mood you are in when you're posting at your journal? I picked 50 out of the ones you can choose between and used them as theme's for my icon challenge. XD
So.. this is my first batch!

10/50 Jin icons.

I know the style is pretty much the same on every icon, but .. anyway.
Oh and I've been spamming this community lately, sorry for that! ^_^

.. and I almost forgot, as usual credit if you use. :]


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[request] Jin's solo CARE


I'm leaving to Colorado for tomorrow and my Mp3 cutter doesn't want to cooperate (and also, the old Megaupload link is ded.)

Can anyone upload Jin's Care from 2006 Utawara? (Episode...something! I didn't write it down.) I need Jin love for a three day long car ride without screaming fangirls.


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I am new as you can the knowledge lol! I apelle Amélie, I am 16 years old, I am French....

And I have now admired the KAT-TUN for 6 months ...

My pet are especially Kame & Jin the fameu duet Akame.... lol I read all the fanfics kame & Jin and I have it adored to you écrievz really well!!!

I intend to put my fanfic that I started to write on Kame & Jin which I will put on this livejournal, by hoping that you will like it! ^^

Here to finish I make kisses @ all the world! ^^

Mysterious Mimie

Help Out Please

I just bought a Ipod nano and I'm asking if anyone has mp3 versions of these songs that I've put in a cut, anyways I don't really have anything to bribe everybody with but I'm hoping if you have the mp3s for these songs may you send it by using yousendit.

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Please help me, I really hope everybody can help me out thank you to all who will.