August 3rd, 2006


Maru wallpaper

I was bored and I got this brilliant idea that I should try to make a wallpaper in photoshop. I really can't make good wallpapers. So I did a few experiments and it turned out.. really weird. But, it would be such a waste to just delete it after my "hard work".. So I decided to post it here. I really doubt anyone want it though.. XD
Sorry I only have it in 1024x768 because it was supposed to be my wallpaper on my computer...

-> 1024x768
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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

(no subject)

Ok so since some people have ipods, and LJ winterspel gave me the idea of uploading converted ipod files, i wonder if anyone would be interested in me uploading HARDSUBBED and M4V CONVERTED versions of Nobuta wo Produce and maybe later Gokusen 2 for their ipoooddd(cuz not everything is hardsubbed like HYD and gokusen 1...unfortunately). I don't know about you, but i watch dramas on my ipod, and when i watch them, i like to have subtitles so i can understand whats going on(um...tho they might be smallish) However, in order to have subs, you gotta burn them, and then convert them blah blah and i know that takes a lot of time, but since i've already done it, i might as well save some time for all of if anyone is interested you have to let me know plleease cuz uploading is the pits and i don't want to do it for nothing. XD

warning: the nobuta wo produce files for some reason may not open outside of your itunes library! (gomen gomen)

edit: well ok apparently gokusen ep 1-4 is hardsubbed :) thanks hopeless_childe

Koi! At the Imperial Palace! 1/?

Title: Koi! At the Imperial Palace! aka crack-fic-from-hell
Part 1/?
Rating: PG (for now, at least?)
Fandom: KAT-TUN & NewS
Pairing: Akame mainly--also bits of Pikame and Pin
Summary: Jin is a spoiled prince, Kame is his long-suffering manservant, and Yamapi the ninja-spy is about to invade and shake things up a bit.......
A/N: Please, please do not take this fic seriously, it is a complete joke and just me poking fun at everyone. +_+;; My brain hurts from writing it. For those who were wondering (which won't be many of you I'm sure), this fic was developed from my friend laughing at the double-entendre "koi at the imperial palace" that was a picture caption, since it can mean two very different things. -_-; One is "love" and the other is "carp." Obviously, this story is not about carp.

( Let the insanity begin )

As always, comments are loved and appreciated so much. XD

My First Icons

Hiyo everyone~!

I've been a member of kattunlove for a month now and i realized that i've been taking too much and haven't been contributing at all! And then i thought how selfish of me... gomen gomen T.T Anyways, here's my attempt to pay back everyone with just three icons... gomen T.T... that's all i can make for now becuz this is my first time making them. So i know they're not that good, nor are there that many.

Here are the icons:

I hope u all like them ^_^. Byebye~!
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request jin song...

Umm...this is my first post here... And just a request with no bribe... gomen... I'm quite new with kattun and I've just watched kat-tun in utawara... It was during their debut and they sing a medley: harukana yakusoku, ha-ha (or something like that) and she said... And I'm totally get hooked to the second song, singing by jin... Can somebody upload just the mp3 of the song... I really want to have it... Onegai... m(_ _)m
Thank you in advance!
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