August 2nd, 2006


kame, kame, kame- clip and request

Is everyone tired with Kame, Kame, Kame, Kaaameee -joke yet? 8D If not... I cut (almost all) parts from the Making of SIGNAL where they're teasing Kame by repeating his name (and "dame" too??). So if you haven't been able to dl the big Making of file just to see that, here's smaller one:

Kame, Kame, Kamee, Kaamee, Kaameee~~ (wmv, 3min)
(It also has the clip where Kame is left out of the elevator. XD;)

I also have a request: SIX SENSES performance (in Utawara I guess...?). Many thanks in advance. ^^
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Real Face fan mix

Today I got the idea to put together the vocals of a KAT-TUN song with a psytrance track and I thought I'd share the result with you all.
I'm a total noob at this, so it's not the most professional of works, but I think it's kinda nifty. ^^;

KAT-TUN vs. Talamasca - Real Fish Face

The songs are "Real Face" by KAT-TUN of course and "Pisces" by psytrance artist Talamasca. I hope you like it. ^__^
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