August 1st, 2006

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[News] KAT-TUN single broke oricon record!

Translated by qysi @ HesF Forum


Oricon Chart:
KAT-TUN, the First in the History! Two Consecutive Singles Broke 400,000 Sales On thier First Weeks

While their single, album, and DVD releases all topped the chart upon their debut, KAT-TUN's 2nd single has marked a glorious record as well. The single "Signal", which was released on the 19th (Wed.) has topped the weekly chart. It has been a year and 11 months since NewS marked the record on 2004/8/23. They (KAT-TUN) are the 7th group/artist that had consecutive singles topping the charts upon their releases. In addition, the single has sold 451,000 copies on its first week, which makes both of their singles breaking the 400,000 sales mark.

KAT-TUN released their debut single "Real Face" (754,000 on its first week) on March of this year. With the release of their second single they have topped the "Consecutive singles with 300,000 sales" chart, and be the first group to enter the chart of "consecutive singles with 400,000 sales". They have changed the records of the music history dramatically.

Following by Utada Hiraku's releases of "Sakura Drops" (released on 2002/5/9, 400,000) and "Color" (2003/1/29, 438,000), it has been 3 years and 5 months since such record's been accomplished.

comments from KAT-TUN
Kamenashi: thank you for putting us on the No.1 spot! Honestly I am very happy! It seems like a lot of people like our new taste (of song). From now on please do expect more challenges from us!
Akanishi: I filmed the cm and pv while I was fighting back my muscle pain (laughs) I will work harder to put our future releases on the top of the chart!
Taguchi: from recordings and filmings we have put out a satisfactory result. it's only the 2nd release. please continue to support us KAT-TUN from now on!
Tanaka: already the second one? I like this type of music too, so I'm very glad to see it tops the chart!
Ueda: thank you for putting us on the No.1 spot! when I see our cm being shown on the streets, I can physically feel the supports coming from our fan and a lot of people.
Nakamaru: the six of us agreed to pick this song out of all the demos. so I'm very thankful that it made it to the top. I wish to try different types of music from now on!


I just wanted to share the good news! Amazing, deshou!?
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