July 30th, 2006

Snow, Shoon

Dance Koshien Upload~ (Prt 1re-upped!, Prt2 up!) :]

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[audio rip] Jin's Bad Language

Because I am a nerd and Jinglish pwns me so bad, and also because I am pretty amazing, I ripped the second and a half of Jin's "SHUT THE HELL UP GUYS" at 320kbps mp3. Sweet. JUST FOR YOU ALL. :D ♥

Now you can listen to it over, and over, and over, and over again. Pardon if somebody already ripped this segment.

CLICK THE HELL UP, GUYS. Expired. Prease to use the mirror links below~

MIRROR #1 Finally expired, hahahaa.

MIRROR #2 Expired. Why did it expire before #1? The world may never know. XD

MIRROR #3 Expired.

EDIT: New batch of mirrors uploaded. Enjoy, again! (Man, I wonder if I'll ever meet one of you on the street because you have this as your ringtone...hahahah.)



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    SHUT THE HELL UP, GUYS - Akanishi Jin