July 29th, 2006

Junta Peace

Anyone going to OTAKON?

Hi! I was just wondering if any of you guys were going to the Otakon Convention in Baltimore this coming weekend? And perhaps if you wanted to meet up at some point?

Sorry if this kind of post is not allowed here, please feel free to delete if that is the case m(_ _)m

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crack fic challenge

ok, so a REALLY long time ago, saihara made a crack fic challenge, using her icons. I FINALLY got around to it lol ^^ i had been thinking about which icon to use, cause i liked practically all of them, but i managed to narrow it down, so here they are ^^

Title: The Bet
Author: meela2389
Pairing: Akame + Pi = AkamePi yes...i said Akamepi XD
Rating: pg 13 - NC meaning, after part 1, it's NC 17 to the max XD
Icon used: and

Summary: Jin and Yamapi make a bet, simply because Pi cannot believe that Jin is the best rammer. Even though Kame agrees WHOLE-Heartedly XD

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Ai Otsuka [free]


So everyone is sick of Signal icons. But here they are anyway XD I made them sometime ago but did not post them and I just made some Sapuri icons so I dump those in too~

EDIT: I forgot XD And one Sapuri wallpaper~

>15< KAT-TUN Signal PV
>06< Sapuri
>21< Total

Teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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06.07.28 Dance Koushien

Remember the show where Jin and Junno, Ueda and Maru went on being the judge to pick out highschoolers' for 24 hours TV?
Well here's the long/full versions~

It's at babykame's clubbox right here
and if anyone's kind enough I'm sure they'll upload it onto SS/MU or something..*hides for not uploading myself*

Though my purpose was to post screencaps...so here...
[click on the screencap below for more.xP]

[...still waiting for second half to finish and to cap more of UN later..-v-]

Yay more Maru x Ueda~!!!!!!!!!!!
(Just follow the real fake cut...for more UN-ness)

Here's the link to the CM in between...only 10sec
[Still downloading the shorter versions and to be uploaded onto SS later]
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thank you!!

domo arigato to all suggestions on where to go. i have yet to go to any of the places though...(it was raining today, and mong kok has too many people). anyways, everything by news, yamapi, and kitty gym was sold out at hong kong records; kanjani8 had only one obachan rock single left (which i have, so didn't buy); and the only things left by kat-tun were one copy of "best of kat-tun" and one real face single (both of which i bought...so kat-tun's also sold out now ^_^) .
i promise that i will (eventually) post everything that i've bought... most likely when i get home (end of aug./early sep.) btw, i don't have a scanner, so any pics will be taken by camera and will be EXTREMELY bad quality...just a heads-up ^.^ thanx again, minna!
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