July 28th, 2006

me :)

In need of some help~ :3

I kind of got inspirated by the recent posts of finding JE merchandise in other countries so I decided to make one myself as well. I might be going to Beijing (and perhaps Shanghai) around the middle of August. So I was wondering if there are any places such as markets, stores or malls that would sell JE merchandise? Namely NEWS and KAT-TUN, because I fangirl over those two bands. ^^; Also magazines that feature those two JE bands would also help me alot. Thank you so much! =DD

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Here Comes Ohji!!!

As i look at the icons here, i feel soo inferior! The icons are like super gorgeous!! Lol, keep up the great work guys!
Btw, i'm new here so i thought i'd condtribute some icons/avies for my Ohji!! Who am i referring to? Of course its Prince Taguchi Junnosuke!

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Something Extra
My sis have translated some* of the words in Popolo Issue 9. The boys were asked about their opinion of girls since its Summer and all.

There's this question, "Brown-skinned (tanned) lady, your opinion?"
Nakamaru's neutral tho he prefers fair girls,Ueda, Koki, Jin & Kame doesnt mind it at all..BUT, Ohji HATES it!!

I'm browned-skin, so i was like soo crushed!! Ohji's too shallow!! Lol! But he'll remain my fav! Lol~

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