July 26th, 2006


[FANFIC]Something about a kiss (Koki/Kame)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wrote this now =P cause i couldnt help myself after some Koki Kame action and discussion we have in Jin altiui lj *.* so i ended writing this =P sequel or whatever =P muahaahahaha

Hope you like it ^-^

*hugs ans kisses*



BetaR: Jin altiui

First part here: http://kt-kitt.livejournal.com/29171.html (but it´snt necesary to read that =P )

Title: Something about a kiss - sequel =P
Author: Kitt (Kazu_lover)
Fandom/Group: JE
Main Characters/Pairings: Koki/Kame
Warnings: slash (boy/boy)
Disclaimer: i wish i own Kazu, but no ;_; ..and i dont own KAT-TUN as well..too bad ;_; this is just fictional.

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Little request ♥

Konnichiwa minna-san!

My name is Olivia and I'm an 18-year-old girl from Germany :D and I love Kattun (what a surprise!)
~~~nya I'm not good at introducing myself ^^ Don't mind..

I'm searching for the translation of the song 'Kizuna',
can anyone help me out? ;o;

♥ xxx

Yuki and Ayano singing KAT-TUN!!!

Hey everyone!!! Yuki-desu!!!

This time, I have a guest with me and it's.... sue_chan a.k.a. Ayano!!

Yuki: Konnichiwa!!!
Ayano: Maido minna-san.
Yuki: So why are the both of us here today?
Ayano: Seeing that a lot of people have posted their versions of KAT-TUN songs, we decided that we'd post duets.
Yuki: Hai! Today, we present you with Haruka na Yakusoku and Precious One! Sung by Ayano and I :D
Ayano: Also, we have decided to give ourselves a name... and it's Wi-nG^z
Minna-san, please give us some feedback on how we did no?
Ayano: Yoroshiku-onegaishimassu

Wi-nG^z -- Haruka na Yakusoku
(link is corrected!!)

Warning: This is ripped from a cassette tape, so the sound is a bit muffled. 

The one who sounds like a 5 year old is yuki_chi (I crack up a bit during Haruka na Yakusoku, please bare with me ne?) 
and the one with the low and rough voice is sue_chan (BTW just to warn you, I go out of tune somewhere near the end of Precious One >__<)

and if you like our songs, you can also listen to this one: Wi-nG^z -- All of Me for You (a song by Kanjani8)
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sho and ohno

(no subject)

ok...so i'm watching Dream Boys...but...I have nooo clue whats going on, would anyone care to enlighten me?? please?? i just finished watching the first cd, and i'm going to watch the second one in a bit...oh and another thing...is dream boys going to be subbed??? *don't shoot me* i know it's a lot, and i can only imagine how hard it is to do, but it'd be so nice to watch the subbed version, and understand whats going on. Thank you ^^
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Jin/Kame +cigarettes??

I was wondering if someone has pics with Jin or Kame smoking?
'Cause all around the Internet in their profile is written that they smoke, though i never saw that...
My curiosity will kill me, i know! XDDD ^^

*Please delete this post if it is against the rules*
Akame.  Simple As That.

[ICONS] A lot of variations of certain icons and misc. -- Sorry, I'm messy like that...

I dunno what to say, but there's only mostly Akame icons. Some icons are pairs and you can tell which ones pair with which, I don't want them to be seperated but it's not like you can use them both at the same time...LOL! I'm being geh now but yeha! Most icons are bases so you can put whatever you want on them...okie!? o^^o

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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

[MOD] Tags

Because of personal reasons, I wasn't able to tag most of the entries for the past three weeks, but most of them should be tagged by now. "Most" as in the all the ones that were music or video downloads, and a few of the requests, translations, lyrics etc. So if you want to go back and download videos that were posted up in the past few weeks that you haven't already, they are all located here, and respectively for music and videos.

Although tagging your entries isn't a rule at this community, the three lovely moderators at this KAT-TUN community, xakamex, sadaoru and me rikayla, would very much like it if you all tag right after you post. The tagging button is right next to the edit button at the top of the entry page, as underlined below.

Also, please tag after you post because there are already quite a bit of tag names being used and we don't want to excess (sp?) tag names (eg. pics and pictures). Thank you very much. =) Other tags are located here.

Since the tag pages show only 20 or so entries per page, you will need to add ?skip=20 (or any other number) to the address bar at the top of your browser in order to view the past entries. Cheerios.

P.S. I am beyond thrilled for the Shun Oguri and Kame drama. Wheee.

P.P.S. And a big welcome to all the new members who have joined the community recently. Hope you guys are finding this community helpful, fun and interactive... =)

Yours sincerely, 
Wendy (aka the Tagging Mod) ;)

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Icons - All pairings in KAT-TUN

I thought, hey why not make icons with all possible pairings in KAT-TUN? When I had got the idea I just had to make it. It took me like forever to find pictures, and then I didn't have any creativity left. So, the icons are not all great..

But anyway, this is the proof! Everyone is together with each other behind each others back! XD


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