July 25th, 2006

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Fanmade Music Video

Hey guys,

I made a music video for my friend and thought that I would share it with you guys. Its got kat-tun and yamapi in it and its to the song "Like The Way You Move" by Bodyrockers
I uploaded it to youtube so hope ya like it :) youtube link

if anyone wants the video let me know and I'll upload it on yousendit

Drabble: Don't Cry Out Loud 1/1 JinCentric

Title: Don’t Cry Out Loud
Author: Anestel
Email: candiedinago@gmail.com
Livejournal: poetanarchy
Writing Journal: aijis_muse
Genre: KAT-TUN
Pairing: Jin Akanishi
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Can someone call the wambulance?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Jin or KAT-TUN
Summary: Unrequited love isn’t pretty like they make it in the movies. Life doesn’t come with happy endings in a box, tied with a big red bow in the last ten minutes of the show.
Beginning Notes: Well, this is my first fic thing in the fandom and what not. I’m kind of winging Jin as how my Jin muse announced himself. This is the way he just came to me…I haven’t really researched him at all so I don’t know if he’s true to life or not. Hope you will enjoy and comment.
Word Count: 489

( Don't Cry Out Loud )
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[fic] 10... snippets?

Inspired by cabernet_shiraz's 25 sentences, I bring you 10 snippets. Not really drabbles, not really sentences, but there's 15 of them. And they're akame. Words taken from the oh-so-entertaining Random Word Generator.

I dedicate this to uport because she dislikes akame and I'm a cruel person like that and lavalier because someone needs to get her back into liking the pairing. And especially to among_the_lost because she is my writing hero and I love her. ♥

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Rating: PG-13
Fandom: KAT-TUN; Jrock
Pairing: Various Jrock/Jin pairings, Pikame, Akame
Summary: In which the headliners in the morning reveal a somewhat surprising sort of truth, Kame realizes that Miyavi is a guy, Jin is mistaken for one of Miyavi's dancing women, and Kame is unexpectedly let off the hook when Ueda catches Gackt and Jin making out? Also, there is Akame love, finally! But not necessarily in that order.

A/N: This is complete and utter crack, so please don't take it very seriously.

Also, this was supposed to be a sort of companion fic to the LIES! ALL LIES!! trilogy where it chronicles the next day from Jin's perspective. ....so I don't know how the Pikame took over. Alas, alack. But it all comes back to the Akame love. <3 Sort of.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

( And the Kame torture continues, the Jin torture commences, and Ueda still doesn't get to make out with Gackt even though 1/3 of his band does. XD )

THE END! NO SERIOUSLY! Thank you all for the encouragement, and all the nice comments, but that's it for the Jrock/KAT-TUN crack. (Does anyone really want to read a Yamapi centered "worst day ever"?) Anyways, stay tuned for more crack, forthcoming, of a slightly different nature!

And in case anyone was curious, the video that Miyavi was filming is
Senor, Senora, Senorita
. Jin is supposed to be the lady with the flowy red skirt. XD.

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canadian pride


It's over at my journal, since I initially posted it for a friend. None of the pics are mine, but they're pretty! They're also not that new, but I hadn't ever seen them before ^^;

Also, I'm sure almost everyone here has seen the pictures? But on the off chance that you haven't, I hope you like them. Or at least enjoy seeing them again. ^^;

Click on Kame to see the picspam!

This post is VERY not dial-up friendly. And there's some scrolling, 'cause some of the really large photos weren't resized. ^^; Sorry.

KAT-TUN Measurements...

Totally, TOTALLY RANDOM. XPPP I'm not really sure if this is allowed, because it really is random. Um... if not, please feel free to delete it. It's just something I posted on my LJ because I was bored, and figured it'd be interesting to share...

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Kattun Fic

Name: Cold and Silver
Author: meela2389
Pairing: Akame
Rating: pg 13?
Genre: Angsty and well...dramatic, but it's not too angsty
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Kattun in any way shape or form. unless you count the songs i have on my computer >.< but i don't own them...ok i'll shut up now.
Summary: Kame refuses to break down in front of the one person his voice won't respond to.

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x-posted sorry.

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[fic] 25 sentences

Theme: Sherlock Holmes (Vol. 2)
Pairing: Akame
In the tradition of the one sentence thing going around, I imposed a challenge on myself by blindly picking 25 random words from the second volume of Sherlock Holmes. I am such a dork. XDD
Warning: Fluff. Cheese. Sap. And abuse and possible misuse of commas and semicolons.

First time doing this (as in writing a sort-of-fic for KAT-TUN). Sorry if it sucks, but dedicated it anyway to xakamex for being so sweet. =P

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hnn.. so when i'm bored, i make icons haaa. ;s these magazines scans were just begging to be turned into icons so どうぞ~ hope you like them! *o*


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[scans] KAT-TUN in Pinky September

Because I am practically brain dead from reading gawking at magazines... I will paste directly from boys_paper XD

And so today I went and splurged on magazines. Usually when I go to Kino I walk straight past the Japanese girly magazine section and go directly to the JE mags. I mean, it's not like I'm not already poor from buying the 5 monthly JE mags....



Attack of the Jin&Maru. Only because I think they both look extra great in this shoot. OH BUT THEY ALL LOOK AWESOME ♥♥.

( Follow this randomly long link to see the rest of the scans at boys_paper! )

Kazuya - Perfection


No one posted these yet? o.o;;

If they did, I'm sorry for doing it again.

Anyway. XD The boy's new cms... ^_^;

Ueda's: http://www.sendspace.com/file/teqas9
Jin and Nakamaru's: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fijgd5
Credits: johnnyjr clubbox

Hahahaha. Ueda is SO DAMN CUTE. XD Really. He can try to be as rock-ish he wants and stuff, but he's just so damn adorable. XD
And I love Nakamaru so damn much. xD; He's so funny. And Jin... hehehehehehe. Jin. ♥

.. And on a nother Johnny's note. SMAP is crack. XD;; Yeah. Not K-T related but I had to say it. xD I love SMAP.
Anyone who dled/bought their new album knows what I'm talking about. And while I'm on the subject of SMAP;
does anyone know if the guys in SMAP does beatboxing? :3 There IS beatboxing there you know, and I wanna know who it isssss... hahaha. Yay. [/random] XD
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