July 24th, 2006

>///< Sapuri's Ending

>////<  Ok...just reading the title u know what is this post  about >///<  I just wanna say that f anyone want that single ( Real Voice - Ayaka ) , u can request it to me...n I will upload it in the form u want ^^..k? n///n that was what I wanted to say...well....bye! ^^!

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I am

New Community

I wanted to let ya'll know about a newly made comm.

For relationships between Odagiri Ryu, Takeda Keita, Tsuchiya Hikaru, Yabuki Hayato and Hyuga Kosuke from Gokusen 2.

Please feel free to delete if not allowed.
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[ICONS] 15 different variations of one Kame...

Because I love this picture so much and Kame was so effen pretty, I couldn't stop making the icons with the same picture and changing the filters. WOW! Come on, 15 variations is totally wack like whoa. All icons are bases so you can put whatever you want on them, I didn't wanna put anything because I couldn't think of anything that could compare to Kame's beauty. So without further ado, just follow the cut below!


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[EDIT] Thanks to boys_paper for the scan.
Although I did't use their scan for the icon. ^^;;
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Gokusen 2

Tell me if the links expire and I'll do my best to reupload them. (These are subbed in english, if you're wondering. Eps 1-4 are hard subbed, 5-10 are going to be soft subbed. If you're impatient I got these off d-addicts : http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/torrents.php?search=gokusen+704&type=&sort= which might be slightly faster if there are seeders.)

Episode One [SARS] (8/11):
Episode Two [SARS] (8/11):
->reuploaded 8/7/2006<-Episode Three [SARS]:
->reuploaded 8/7/2006<-Episode Four [SARS]:
->new<- Episode Five [d-addicts]:
->new<- Episode Six [d-addicts]:
->newest-< Episode Seven [d-addicts]:
->newest-< Episode Eight [d-addicts]:
->newest-< Episode Nine [d-addicts]:

->newest-< Episode Ten [d-addicts]:

Heres the subtitle files for episodes 5-10:

->For those of you who prefer Hardsubs: Episode Five [SARS]: (remember to thank lilyhong for uploading it)

-->>**NOTICE**<<-- YSI is no longer the cool YSI it once was now the file uploads are limited to 100mbs so if you want me to reupload after this, it's going to be in pieces that you have to put together using HJsplit.  Also SINCE these files are really big they now require you to get at least a "lite" account  or free account to download them. (this is what I've figured out from poking at YSI on and off all morning. If someone else figures out something different, or a way to download without getting an account please comment)

--> more babbling<--  asdklfjah!! Sooooo apparently Episodes 5 (softsubbed) and 6 have expired! DRATS~ that means for those of you who missed that you'll have to get it in pieces which I will do tomorrow. But, for those of you who haven't gotten eps 1-4 and 7-10 and want them, but don't have or really want a YSI it account I set one up with my extra email address (highlight the next few lines to see it)

password: Gokusen

And you can use that. I'm pretty sure that eps 7-10 will expire sometime this week so download those before you download 1-4 which will expire early next week. After early next week I might change the password on the YSI account. . . might being if I remember. Please don't do anything nasty with the account. If you have problems with the files leave another comment here. It  would be faster than emailing at me at the above email address since I really don't check it. Good luck~!

*insert not-so-nice words*

So, YSI is bleh~ Anyways so half of it is one YSI while the other half is on MU because YSI told me it hated me and didn't want to upload anything else. If MU doesn't work for you drop a comment and I'll see if YSI wants to be nice tomorrow. Here are the links for ep6. You need to piece them together using hjsplit. Good luck~

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shin min ah

(no subject)

ICON POST!  You guys are probably really really sick of icon posts and here is another one.
34 KAT-TUN icons

[34] - KAT-TUN
[4] - Friends Only Banners

*Please Comment!  I love comments!  They feed my ego.
*Credit either lookingat or ikameshii
*No Hotlinking
*Don't claim as yours and don't edit any
CROSS POSTED like 12948032481 times, I apoligize!!!

here @ ikameshii

If you like what you see, I'd greatly appreciate if you FRIEND/JOIN the community.
GD Tokyo

(no subject)

Hey there everyone. :) I've been in this community forever but I think it's the first tmie I'm posting o_O;;
Umm yeah so I'll be nice and introdue myself and stuff :X my name is Shira, I'm 19.5 and I live in Israel. Been a KAT-TUN fan since December 2005 so.. kinda new only not really.

Umm yes, I come with a request m(_ _)m I seem to have lost a precious precious file I had of Kame and Junno I think where they do a contest with other Johnny's in a bath house. You know what I'm talking about? they have to stay as long as possible in super hot water and then do the same in freezing water.
If anyone has it or knows where I can download it I'd be iternally greateful and give you something back! :D I have lots of stuff *nodsnods* so~ yes. Please? :3

Thank you in advance ♥
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(no subject)

hi everyone ^^ the name's Ramya and i'm new to the community; just joined today! i recently did a homestay in japan and my host sister was a huge KAT-TUN (and johnny's) fan, so i couldn't help but fall in love with them when she introduced them to me.

i thought for my first post i'd make some icons, so here's a few :0 feel free to use any!


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