July 22nd, 2006

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Hey, I've been a while here but this is first entry here ^^''
so, has anyone got Gokusen 2 episodes in english?
If yes, then could i please get a link where to download? ^^

I demostrate myself
; name is jenna and I live in Finland and I'm 14 years old ::DD
that's all ^^'''
(I'm not sure can I ask that but.. ask still >8D)

Thanks for helping ^OO^ !

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    KAT-TUN - Love or Dream


Rating: PG-13
Fandom: KAT-TUN; Jrock
Pairing: Various Jrock/Kame pairings, Pikame, implied Akame
Summary: Kame's having a really bad day, in which everyone mistakes him for a girl, Jin is confused and NOT! jealous, Yamapi tries to help out but makes things worse, and Ueda really really wants to kill Kame.
A/N: This is complete and utter crack, so please don't take it very seriously.

( "It hadn't started out as the worst day of his life..." )

Comments are love!

Should I continue? Should I throw myself off a cliff for writing such a travesty? Crossposted all over the bored; sorry for the spam!
musical pirate - Johnny Roger
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[fansong/test/poll] Kizuna / This is Love -- help?

Since this comm was so nice about my previous 'fansong' (When Thinking of...), I thought I'd ask for help here too (since my flist isn't particularly into either fansongs or jdrama/jpop). :)

I'm currently working on a Nobuta wo Produce text for 'Kizuna' and I've been trying to decide what pitch adjustment to use, and whether there's any point in going ahead with it at all since my voice is deep and _not_ particularly well suited to the karaoke track.

So, I've uploaded two versions of the first verse + the chorus, and made a poll for all your clickety needs. ;)

[[ This is Love - pitch poll and samples ]]
Kazuya - Perfection

Boredom that's NOT uploading!

... When I'm bored I upload. Or, if I don't upload I sing~
And I decided that hey, I'll sing this awesome song that's not insanely Jin-high.
So YAY I sang Will be alright.
Can't believe I'm posting it here tho xD; Haha~

But yay... http://www.sendspace.com/file/eogri1
If you listen, please comment? Even if you hate it xD;

- i know some low notes aren't hearable. Stupid mic.
- that 2nd last "massugu" came out WAY wrong... but I'm too lazy to change it. xD;
- .. i do not have jin's kind of voice, unfortunately.

... God. Yes, I'm nervous now. XD
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