July 20th, 2006

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Find the file @ http://destined.to/himitsu ( under KAT-TUN section... )

I forgot to add the size in the site ( which I will modify tomorrow..) but it's a high quality file ( 429 MB) ^.^.

Also , the other day I added the KAT-TUN x3 prpgrams in HQ, both files over 600MB each ^.^ Maybe you are interested ^.^v



Since I uploaded this for a friend and I don't want the links to waste.. ^.^

02 . I'll be with you
03. SIGNAL Karaoke
03 . I'll be with you Karaoke
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Konnichiwa, minna,

I've gotten the luck of roleplaying as dear Koki on uni_shirokin! However, I don't have many pictures of Koki simply by himself, and I'd like to make the userinfo for his character journal a little more interesting. ._.

So please, post your favorite Koki pictures! I'd be so grateful. =D

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[Debate] Solution to the Mark on Jin's Hand?

Recently there’s been a debate circulating in the KAT-TUN communities about "The Mark on Jin’s Hand" I think I may have the answer to that question.

If you prefer to keep speculating because it’s fun then please ignore this post, but for those who would like a possible answer please click Collapse )
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