July 19th, 2006

[icons] Kame! And some others!

OMG! ICONS! And they're not from Signal! Heh. And they're almost all Kame. As a warning, I have an odd... uh... brain? And so my weirdness completely... makes these icons weird. Or something.

Let's see...
24 - Kame
3 - with Koki
1 - Yamapi
5 - old PGSM icons from my other LJ
3 - random anime (Evangelion, Tsubasa Chronicles, Air)
1 - Kamen Rider Blade movie
1 - ... cheese

Also, 17 bases!

The rest are HERE!!!

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Hey. I'm Shelby. I like Clazziquai? And M-flo. Feel free to friend me or whatevs 8D

That's a good enough intro haha.

Nifty KAT-TUN layouts, anyone? Links to layouts are A-OK as well.




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This might seem kind of random but I was wondering is anyone has the recent address for KAT-TUN fanmail. I found a few addresses and I don't know which one's right.

蒼井 優 : air clouds

[DVD] Making of SIGNAL PV

I'm sure we're all hyped out with the new release of SIGNAL! *throws confetti* So anyway, I bring to you more SIGNAL goodness in the form of the "Making of SIGNAL PV" video that comes with the limited first press edition.

It's not of very high quality, but I hope it'll do until you get the real DVD itself. Honestly, the making of was FANTASTIC, even better than RF film in my opinion. It'll make you squeal and squee over all the KT rabu... ^_^

Sendspace (for now):

My friend sent these to me, so I'm not very sure who's the original uploader. If you are the original uploader, I hope you won't mind! I'll gladly credit you if there need be.
Maru's hips don't lie

Random Question...

I knoticed no one has REALLY brought this up but...in Signal there is a person coughing!

Um....who does everyone think it is...

Me and my one friend think its Maru..We think he was beat boxing to hard and endied up coughing...also maybe becuz we're obessed but it sounds deep....and Maru has a pretty deep voice...

My friend thinks its either Kame or Jin from all the CHIKKI CHIKKI AHHHHHHH! And whoever was supposed to do it next choked....

I think both are funny....

I dunno what do you all think?!

kame || ♥

KAT-TUN Signal (LE and RE) Booklet Scans

hey everyone! XD my single came in!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! XD! anyway here's the scans of the booklets for the limited and the regular edition :)

Free image hostingFree image hosting

~the rest are at boys_paper~

anyway i'm off to watch the making of since i've been scanning since i got home!! please credit boys_paper if you're going to redistribute or graphics ^___^♥ XD hope you enjoy and comments are always loved!
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Mezamashi / Zoom In 2006.07.19 - Signal Interview

[EDIT] Also found a shorter interview from this morning's Mezamashi. The boys are also smiley and giddy so download as well? :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

DL @ sendspace: KAT-TUN [TV] Mezamashi 2006.07.19 - Signal Interview

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The release of Signal (TODAY. WOOOT!) is seriously spoiling us... there's so much KAT-TUN this week ♥.

And of all weeks, my internet decides to be an ass this week and cap my speed. THANKS.  JUST KILL ME WHY DON'T YOU. But yes, anyways...

It took me a painful 5 hours to download this clip. The female host from Zoom In interviews them about Signal and... um, other things that my lack of Japanese fails to understand. But it's worth it anyways because they're all smiley and happy chappy XD. 

My version is from luvjin but I think better quality ones can be found at johnnyjr, yimieyi and apinkmaru

DL @ sendspace: KAT-TUN [TV] Zoom In Super 2006.07.19 - Signal Release

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kame loves Juliet. Jin wants to go to California. And where's Koki?

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Has anyone else been refreshing the CDJapan page to see if their order has been shipped? HURRY UP, DAMMIT. What exactly do they mean by 'On Hand' anyways?

Icons.. again. *hides*

I know I've been spamming you with icons lately, gomen! But I have so much spare time and.. yeah..
I've made 10 random KAT-TUN icons. I don't like them. Anyway, ENJOY! (I've been obsessed with saying enjoy since I've watched Sapuri XD)!
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Sapuri *-*

u///u Hi minna...I'm kinda new with LJ..n the first thing I did was look 4 kat-tun grups xDDD cuz....><  I'm lookin 4 sapuri intro....some1 has it? before hearin "I'll be with you" I thought it was the intro..but now that I have it ...n_nU well...if some1 has it..could u plz upload it? *O* I'll pay u if u want xD cuz' I really loved that song *¬*...xD n I want to know the  name to...is the "Unknown song" u.U...well..thanx n bye! ^O^!

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