July 18th, 2006


hi everybody! i was wondering how do you convert a .DAT or .VOB file to .mpg or .avi? since i want to rip my SUMMARY and maybe upload it for you guys ~_^? thx a lot in advance! ^_^
Pikame - Happy blue

Boredom = Uploading

Okay so I'm bored and I want to share stuff. So YAY FOR UPLOADING! ... Really. This post is pointless...

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That's it. Not that I'm any less bored now though... I need to find out how to make pretty gif's like everyone does all the time ToT; Someone teach me?

... I should make a wallpaper with some hot Jin. ^o^v .. After posting fics updates. YES THAT IS WHAT I WILL DO.

Oh. And I know this has nothing to do with KAT-TUN, but- (well that depends, seeing how Pi totally is dating Kazuya and this is about Pi it has to do with Kazuya's boyfriend) - I love GYM and their song is addictive. I ripped a part from the chorus from the ZOOMIN clip. Download heeere [YSI].

Okay now I'll leave this... post alone before I decide to kill my bandwidth more xD;;

edit: ZOOMIN about GYM. ♥
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Kazuya - Perfection

Vocals only. Pics. Lyrics. Fwoo!

... again. I was bored. Hahahaha. So I bring vocals only mp3's. Haha. They're not perfect and some of them sounds like if they're (KAT-TUN)... robots or something but it's done using a free program stuff so yay! "I'll be with you" turned out perfect though.
Anyway. ^_^ Download from here at my new favorite upping site BigUpload.

Oh. And I do not remember from where but I stumbled over these pics, and I haven't seen them before... Maybe just missed them here but anyway. Yay pics!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


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