July 17th, 2006

Utawara 2006.07.17 - SIGNAL


And you don't believe how surprised I was when I saw the clip at babykame's blog and THEN to know that she was uploading it at her CB. I wasn't expecting to see it until tomorrow morning! BUT YES. NO COMPLAINTS.

So for those who can use CB, download it NOWWWWWW!

[EDIT 2]: And just some more CB links in case that one's getting all queued up. Try hirogi or yimieyi!

[EDIT]: Finally uploaded! I split the performance into 4 parts for faster uploading. The first 3 are on sendspace but the last one is YSI because... yes. Just because. XD

DL @ sendspace - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.001
DL @ sendspace - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.002
DL @ sendspace - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.003
DL @ YSI - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.004

Join with HJ-Split!

[EDIT 3]: Haha eventually I will stop editing this post. But thanks to the wonderful xakamex, the full clip has been uploaded to sendspace and megaupload! ♥

DL @ sendspace - 060716-UTAWARA-SIGNAL.avi
DL @ MegaUpload - 060716-UTAWARA-SIGNAL.avi

[EDIT 4]: YAY for more links! This time thanks to angel_9_lives for being, yes, an angel, and uploading the parts onto YSI ♥

DL @ YSI - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.001
DL @ YSI - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.002
DL @ YSI - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.003
DL @ YSI - KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.16 - Signal.avi.004

But for now, I hope these caps can keep you sane XD

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So like, I'm marrying Jin's voice. Yes? :)

(no subject)

is anyone in here willing to upload baka no sekai's recent projects somewhere like at mu or yousendit (no torrents)?
i'm talking about these ones: 

[MS]2006.04.28 - KAT-TUN - Talk (Nakamaru always hides his X) 
[SHOUNEN CLUB] 20060416 - Theme & Producer - KAT-TUN  (dunno if that's the version that has been uploaded to kattunlove some time ago?) 
AKAME's Worst Dates 
[Okyakusama Con] MC, Fight & Perf - KAT-TUN 
★ [AIUEO] 2006.04.16 - KAT-TUN - Speaking Chinese

just some would be fine. ♥
i think there are more persons that got problems with clubbox~ .o.
thx a lot!

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Hey Everyone!! It's Yuki... and yes.. I have more VIDEOS!!!

I have uploaded the SECOND EPISODE of My Boss My Hero!!!
It is hard-subbed in Chinese, so for those who can read Chinese, this is a treat for you :D
(Sorry, I only have the chinese subs)

and I also have the first episode uploaded...
so those who don't have it, come grab it at my LJ :D


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nagami cabasa

request ^^;

hi, i read the rules and there was nothing against asking this...
can anybody upload the original pic of jin that's in my icon? it's the same picture as ze one in the layout! xD; a friend would like it but sadly i don't have it... TT__TT
thanks a bunch ^^;;

edit;; lol, thank you xakamex and xo_kannie! xDD ♥
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Summary backstage?

Would someone please be so kind to upload Summary backstage with english subs for me? I burned it on cd, but now I can't find it and I deleted it from my hd. I'm longing for it everyday T__T;

I'm buying the dvd in the a few days, but I want with english subs. So please..I'd be so grateful! ♥

Bribes over here! KAT-TUN's discography including pvs and performances!

Thanks in advance!

X-POSTED je_uploads & kattunlove
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More Signal PV Icons! XD

Ok, here I am again, posting icons. I said I wouldn't make so many signal pv icons, but I couldn't keep my promise. Because, this is what I made:

#30 animated
#12 normal
42 icons in total.

Everyone says: "Hope you're not tired of signal icons yet".. that's wrong! It should be:
"You can never get tired of signal icons :D Here are even more!".

Oh and yeah, some of these icons have been posted before, but I decided to add them here too, I wanted to have all signal icons in one set. ^_^

Credit if you use any icon. Comments are appreciated.


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Screencaps - Nobuta ending credits

minna san!!
I had download the Nobuta wo produce DVD special from D-addicts forum and I got nothing to do... and split the ending credits out and caps it!! then decide to share it here!! total 83caps!! hmm... although it was not kame n yamapi.. demo... the animation honto ni kawaii... ahaha~~ so.. hope you like it ne! if anyone post b4 please forgive ne!!

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Small Discussion...

Me and my friend got in yet another heated discussion...lol ^_^;;;;

She was saying how she would like to keep KAT-TUN in Japan and that it would be bad if they were known world wide because they EVERYONE would know them...

I slightly agreed....I mean I would have a bond with them that other people that just started listening to them wouldn't...and that means alot to me too....

But I had to think about how they would feel...

Do you know how happy it would make all 6 of them to know that they were popular in the US and Canada and anywhere else OTHER then Japan?

I dunno...maybe because of the song "GOLD" I think they want to make it World Wide...Could I be wrong?

What does everyone else think?

Would you want them to be World Wide or Not?