July 16th, 2006

Uragiri - Zess

official Signal single

I don't think this has been mentioned yet, but aznmp3 has released a 320 kbps rip of the Signal single (Regular Edition) here!

I'll upload the single itself once I'm done downloading it via bt ^^

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Thanks to everybody who helped upload mirrors!

For those who don't have WinRar, I've rezipped the file so that you can open it with Winzip instead. Here's the link!

01. SIGNAL.mp3
02. I'll be with you.mp3
03. SIGNAL (original karaoke).mp3
04. I'll be with you (original karaoke).mp3

Feel free to share the links with people not in the comm and spead the KAT-TUN love!!

gifs for you~

First post here~ I've been lurking this place for almost half a year, and I've finally decided to post something! I've come with gifs! ♥ I wouldn't say this is my first time making them, but these are definitely the first ones that I've made that were good enough to reveal to the public. XD Huuhuu~ And I hope I did the lj-cut right...


(more under the cut ^o^)

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Translators needed

Ano, hi everyone~ Miyu desu^^ I'm not new here per say cuz I've been lurking around. Anyway the subbing team, SUTEKI fansubs, is currently facing a crisis. We are short on translators. Those that translate Japanese to English would be great. It would be wonderful if anyone could offer their services and join us but plz keep in mind that you must remain committed ne? We are currently focusing on Shimokita Sundays as well SCs, ya-ya-yah onigokko and G no Arashi.

Our community :
This is our mother website :

To the mods: If this is not allowed, plz delete it but we seriously need help T____T I sux at lj commands...
I'm scared to crosspost this cuz it will then spam ur f-list >.< nono

*stabs myself*

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My first...post here...I think. Shit, I don't know. Okay fine, I haven't gotten around to taking shiney screencaps of SIGNAL yet, so no SIGNAL icons this round. I swear. NEXT WEEK :OOOO !

x6 12012 (Wataru)
x1 Mary-kate Olsen (I think -_-)
x1 Shu Qi (Chinese Actress)



Gokusen 2

I found this on JPB and thought it was really cool so I thought I'd upload it. It's Kizuna and Gold. It takes place in what looks to be the set of Gokusen 2. . . Kame and Jin are in the outfits that they were in during Gokusen and the rest of KAT-TUN are wearing similar school uniform things


I recently just found out about Gokusen 2. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME. I have episodes 1-4 that I can upload if anyone wants them. If anyone knows a fast way to get eps 5-10 I'd be really really happy if you could tell me. I don't think anyone is seeding them at d-addicts, and if they are they're really slow. ENJOY!