July 15th, 2006

Tatta5 - Neahime


Etoo I'm going to Japan in about 11 days, and I will be visiting the johnny's shop and all. Thought i would offer to buy some merchandise... although i have to charge a bit more as it takes time, energy and money to go there... hope you guys understand. Anyway this i guess is basically what i will be charging NOT including shipping to your country for some things...
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Zoomin 2006.07.14 & New Photobooks

This clip was from yesterday but just for those who haven't seen it...

Zoom In 2006.07.14 - 24Hr TV

Credits go to apinkmaru's CB, and I've also seen it on other CBs :) I'm about to head out after this post so won't have time to upload it. Sorry for non-CBers ^^"

It's practically the same as the clip from the 13th, but there's Maru talking about his design for the shirt (or so I think that's what he's talking about) and... a better angle of hand holding.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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In other good news, as I've spent the last few days stalking YesAsia and waiting for the Signal poster (no, I have a life. I really do...!) to come out, there's been some new pre-orders for other things.

KAT-TUN Taguchi Junnosuke & Tanaka Koki - Complete Otakara Photo File

KAT-TUN Nakamaru Yuichi & Ueda Tatsuya - Complete Otakara Photo File

To be released August 25, 2006~

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YAY who's excited for Utawara tomorrow? ♥ SIGNAL...?

#9 animated icons

So, I learned to do animated icons yesterday and now I'm obsessed. O_o
Since there is so many signal icons I decided to not make so many signal icons.
So, here's what I got for you:

#6 Lotte plus X - Rainbow CM icons
#3 Signal PV icons

Ok, all are in quite crappy quality because I had to make the file size smaller so you can use them on LJ. X_x

Anyway. Credit if you use any. Leave a comment if you want to be loved. ;)

77words - For icon table generator and texture
janaine - For the animated icon tutorial

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だいすけ ♥ 

KAT-TUN Friending Meme

Because I need more fangirls on my flist to fangirl with me.

Because everyone seem to be introducing themselves and wanting more friends...so I figured this would be convenient. And I did this for my other fandoms as well. Works. Lol.

(KAT-TUN Friending Meme)

Kinda long...gomen. It was going to get even longer...but that would make a survey...so I cut it done. =P

NewS Friending Meme here.
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(no subject)

Lately I've been wondering... Has anyone ever made or come across a myspace layout of KAT-TUN or Ya-Ya-yah anywhere? I've been noticing a lot of nice layouts on LJ, but since this is LJ and not myspace, I've never come across any nice myspace layouts for something as obscure as the JE groups. Not to say they're obscure or anything, but, from my experience, most people in the US don't even know what jpop is, let alone KAT-TUN or Ya-Ya-yah! (Boy bands are so out of style in the US... ^^;;) Anyways, I've been fangirling KAT-TUN and Ya-Ya-yah as of late and wanted to change up my myspace a little, and the only Japanese artists featured on myspace layouts that I've been able to find are Ayumi Hamasaki and such. Any help would be very appreciated!

[Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I re-read the rules and didn't see anything against it, so...]
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(no subject)

Hi, my name is kura and I just joined the community. I've been a KAT-TUN fan for about six months now, but have recently become overly obsessed with them.

I was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to 'Signal'? 'cause I'm not sure whats out there and whats not right now, but I thought I would ask.

So if anyone has the kanji/hiragana versions of the song I will love you forever. and sorry that I don't have anything shinny to share. maybe one day.
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