July 14th, 2006

Kazuya - Perfection

Tackey & Kazuya Dream Boy/s duets~

Haha, I have too much time on my hands or I was just bored - and my friends were here. But yay. It turned out cool! They, sometimes hold the notes differently but that's all. Hoshi no Hikaru Sora though? I swear, they sound like they're the same person. And I promise, I took Tackey's and Kazuya's! Not Tackey and Tackey or Kazuya and Kazuya.

Point is? ... Yay Dream Boys!

Name: Tackey & Kazuya - Hoshi no Hikaru Sora.mp3
Size: 2MB
Dl: http://www.sendspace.com/file/orsrio

Name: Tackey & Kazuya - Sad Song .mp3
Size: 1MB
Dl: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f8346l

Comments are appreciated! ^_^v
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I joined here a while ago and never actually posted anything. My favourite member of KAT-TUN is Ueda. ♥ I am horribly obsessed with him blah blah scary fangirl stuff here. After him, I like Junno and Kame. But they're pretty far behind. My favourite pairing within the members is definitely Jinda even if I'm not too fond of Jin.

I hate requesting things, but I need this. Ahem. Does anyone have the Jin Why? Jennifer! clip? :-[ It's not a large file at all, and having it would really make my day so much better. I went back a few entries in various communities, so if this has been uploaded recently and I missed it somewhere, I apologise. Also, if anyone has a ton of good quality pictures of Ueda, would you mind putting them in a .zip file and uploading them? Only if they're good quality though, thanks.

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by electroxcuute

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I hope there isn`t already an entry like this but I don`t think so.
I uploaded these photos to my pers. journal for my friends but since I think you might be also interested in them I`m also posting them here.
I am staying in tokyo atm so I began taking photos of kat-tun ads and it somehow got out of hand and now I have.. a lot XD

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kame 2


hello~ uhm.. this time i have a little question.. does anyone know where i get newer episodes of "R-ONE KAT-TUN"? like.. from july.. and where new eps will be uploaded? i can only find until may~
anyone help? ^^''''