July 13th, 2006

Yoon Eun Hye

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hello! well seeing as a few people have introduced themsleves i might as well to :3

hmm where to start....um well my name is Roxanne but call me Roxie! xD
im 18 and live in the UK D:

I came across KAT-TUN only at the beginning of this year when someone had suggested to listen to a song of theirs. Well i listened to it and at the time didnt think much of it but then i found more stuff by them and started to listen to them a lot more to the point now where they are basically on everyday xD
I love all the members of KAT-TUN and dont really have a favoirte because they are all just to loveable!

anyways must babble now. I MADE ICONS xDD
i was quite bored today cause i kept myself off FFXI so i made these. I would have made more from the SIGNAL PV but VirtualDub doesnt like the mpg format :/
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loads of jdorama colobars to share ♥

made loads of jodrama colorbars and want to share them with u guys ^^
i'm just gonna post them here on this community cuz i dont wanna go around different communties and spam on peoples friends page =o=
feel free to spread the word xD

01. Stand Up!!
02. Gokusen 2
03. Anego
04. Hana yori dango
05. Nobuta wo Produce
06. Ichi rittoru no namida
07. Kurosagi
08. Sapuri
09. Attention Please
10. My Boss My Hero
11. Ikebukuro West Gate Park
12. Mukodono
13. Cinderella ni naritai
14. Dragon Zakura
15. Gokusen
16. Brother Beat
[edit] added Cinderella ni naritai, Dragon Zakura, Gokusen and Brother Beat

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just a post to aggrandise myself. X33
while everyone is head over heals for the signal pv ... let's share some really old luv.
a little quiz: there's someone missing in here. .o.


☆ Hadaka no Shounen 05.10.2002 K+U+N ☆

most sexy thing is the news aerobics, but well. nearly half an hour of lucky maru x ueda x kame love! for boys' flesh, cosplay and stupid activities, now download!


☆ Jin's Worst Date ☆
☆ Kame's Worst Date ☆
☆ Koki's Worst Date ☆

the dates have been originally uploaded by sironimo over at kanjanews.

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Zoomin 2006.07.13 - 24 Hour TV

New news clip!

It's KAT-TUN at a press conference for the 24Hr TV event. The press conference was this morning? I think? Or early afternoon. But either way, this is how our boys now look XD.

Once again the original clip is from luvjin. The clip's also at a CB and the file is a bit bigger but I think it's just because it's .avi as opposed to .mpg? I'll upload that if it's not the same. [Edit: Okay the other clip is pretty much the same. But it has the non-KAT-TUN related parts as well. But then again it's better quality.. soooo.. I'm uploading it anyways. It's 31MB as opposed to the current 9MB, so it's up to you guys]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Awww they're holding hands! :)

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jiyong → captain g-sparrow

Intro + Signal icons

Hi everyone, newbie here. My name's Rikku and I'm from Canada. I just recently got into KAT-TUN earlier this year, but I was immediately impressed. My favourite members are Koki (because he is just love!<3) and Kame.

And so, in hopes of making this boring intro more... err, lively, I bring you my very first batch of icons:

{11} Signal
[01] Ueda & Maru
[02] Jin
[03] Koki
[02] Kame
[01] Junno
[02] KAT-TUN

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6 Signal PV Icons

I must be really lazy, but I've only made 6 icons out of the PV. Maybe some day I will make more XD Anyway, I love the PV. It's really shiny. I've got Signal on my brain, probably it'll be stuck forever..

Yeah I know my icons are crappy, I made them in a hurry because I was so excited over the PV ^.^ But I'm proud of the animated one (if we ignore the matter that he's walking backwards, *cough* didn't notice XD), it's my first animated icon.. I use to have problem with making animated icons but I found a really good tutorial on a swedish site, it helped me a lot ♥

• Credit if you use them
• Comments are love.

I won't give you a preview. They are so few. X'D

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Yoon Eun Hye


I made more icons today...i have way to much free time ;__;
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sorry for the lack of Junno, i couldnt get any good caps of him that i like T_T
also, i wondered if i could make a request?? if not then slap me xD
well i have Six Sense and SIGNAL songs but they both sound kinda..wrong? well i was wondering is someone could possible upload these 2 for me?? Very much appreciated ^w^
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