July 12th, 2006

[scans] KAT-TUN in 2006 August Potato

So I finally got my hands on August's Potato and Wink Up XD And I think I'll go back for Duet. GAH. I told myself to choose one and be nice to my wallet... obviously that didn't work out too well ^^.

For now I bring you KAT-TUN in Potato. Because I love those... behind-the-scenes pages ♥. And I love Jin's hair put back like that ♥♥. HECK, I just love these guys, mmkay? ♥♥♥.

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(I can't take my eyes off you babyyyyyyyy ♥)

Follow the link to boys_paper, yes?
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[MOD] To you personally, in the open...

Dear fangirlzilla,

Regarding your post about your "apology" for the fake Ueda scandal, I can not forgive you because like I said before, I know the story behind it and it was for your own selfish reason(s). Also, that your "apology" entry led to more visual porn, in which a rule was added upon your first entry but you probably didn't read and/or see it or just didn't care. So please just leave the fandom alone and stop trying to stir something that is too big for you. Thank you!

And to all the members that was hurt in any way about this, just to let you know that it's totally fake!

Hey Minna!

Hi everyone! I'm sorta to all this LJ thing hehe but Im so happy to find a community full of love for KAT-TUN!! hehe my fave guy is Bakanishi! Nice to meet you all! Yoroshiku ne!

anyone my first post and contribution to this wonderful community! hehe i saw so many wonderful icons and i felt inspired thus i made some....im sorta going through a Ryouchi phase(if you look at my main LJ you can tell hehe) but yea hope you guys like! and i did do repeats (i had to much fun with the filters so i have different "color" versions of some.... XD

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『VOCALOID』 your love will surely

Signal PV on CB.


It's only on apinkmaru's Clubbox right now. When mine finishes downloading I'll upload it to sendspace or megaupload. 8D


From the 10 seconds of it I can watch, it looks good to me. XD


Sendspace link in about 30 minutes. My upload speed is crap. THE PV IS GOOD THOUGH! Everyone looks good, and there's focus on people other than Jin and Kame.

And the coughing...it's still there. XD

Sapuri Episode 1 Screencaps 704x396

Now I've watched Sapuri with subs, it was a lot of fun (and Kame cuteness)! XD Then I took a lot of screencaps! 205 screencaps actually, mostly of Kame ^_^. It's a rar file. It's my first time making a rar file so if something is wrong, please tell me!

Download links:

• Credit if you use them in any way
• Comments would be nice.

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jin --> oooh~!

[Lyrics] KAT-TUN - I'll be with you (kanji/romaji/english)

Here's lyrics for "I'll be with you", I didn't really think much of this song the first time I heard it but then I listened again and realised that although the lyrics are simple, they're quite poignant and the melody is gorgeous~ ♥ These are just done by ear so correct me if you think anything is wrong! :)

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(no subject)

Hi, sorry I've put off this introduction for a while, I've been slightly busy and mostly absent minded. I happened-upon KAT-TUN during my trip to Taiwan last month. I really like their music. I'm generally a quiet person, but I'll leave comments and stuff when I take stuff and when things really interest me.
Kazuya - Kazuya blue

SIGNAL! Request...and download link. ^^;

Okay, so here will go me and my... things. XD; First off.
For those who want to download Dream Boys in kick ass quality/burn it to DVD, I ripped the DVDs last night and put them up at Jpopsuki. So please go HERE and download and have me upload and make my share ratio kick ass. ^_^

Secondly. SIGNAL PV!!! ^________^ I saw that Shibuya put a link up to clubbox, I grabbed it and then figured I'd upload and stuff, which I could put here with my other stuff. Yay. ^_^

MegaUpload BigUpload YouSendIt SendSpace

edit: It's Shiny. Very, very Shiny. *_*

And lastly. I love Kazuya's solo at the end of Dream Boys, Chousenja, and I figured I'd write down the lyrics - so I did.
Now, I want it translated. Only, I don't dare do it myself - thinking I'll screw up the prettiness in the song so would anyone want to do it for me? ^^;;

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Thanks in advance! ^_^;;
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hi guysss. :)

just in case anybodys picky like me &loves to play clips on wmp..
i converted the .mpg signal pv thats floating all over the place into .avi form.
lol i hope this more convenient for yu guyss. :D
&biggg kudos to murasaki_five for the fantabulous pv download links<3
so without further ado, just pick yur desired server &click awayyyy! ;D


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KAT-TUN TV Schedule! (SIGNAL perf! <3)

I got my TV magazine today...I`m not sure if this is already posted so yeah lol.

16th - Utawara -> this should be the first perf of SIGNAL (?)
17th - Hey! Hey! Hey!
20th - Utaban -> this seems interesting cause theres a piccu of Kame about to sumo this fat lady ROFL
21st - Music Station

For Kame only
17th - Sapuri (2nd ep)
20th - Minasan no okagedeshita

For Koki only
15th - My Boss, My Hero + a special on it

I was about to type more details, but my parents are nagging me to go back upstairs XDD; (using free internet in hotel lobby)