July 11th, 2006

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What is up with Jin and his injuries? For some time now he's had this bruise on his left hand (you can see it very clearly in the newest Duet photo shoot), now in Utawara he has his nose taped. If he weren't an idol, I'd say he's in a violent relationship. ^_^;; I've seen speculations on japanese boards about auto-aggressive behaviour such as wrist-cutting, but who the hell goes and punches himself on the nose?

I'm really wondering where all this bruises come from (shortly before KAT-TUN's debut, he sported a bruised foot). Does anyone know anything about this?

And did you notice in the Utawara soccer game that Jin has written "Akanish" on his back, with an i missing? ^_^

ETA: winterkill explained that the strip on his nose is actually meant to help him breathe because he has a cold! So no worries about Jin getting punched on the nose by anyone. ^-^

New ad! Lotte Plus X Rainbow flavour + HEYx3 Preview

It's ridiculously late early for me to be posting here, but I'm on holidays and therefore don't need sleep. Or so I tell myself. BUT YES, I was watching My Boss, My Hero (and although I'm only 10 minutes into it, IT'S COMPLETE LOVE XD) and you know, randomly stalking blogs. AND THIS CAME UP. AND IT'S AWESOME.


There's also the preview for the Hey Hey Hey that airs next Monday. 

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FULL CREDITS to luvjin! I don't know what I would do if she decided to stop blogging. GOSH I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. ♥♥ 
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Yosh, introduction!

Mmmh. *waves* Hello people. I'm bored (as I have been the past 5 weeks), so I finally decided to introduce myself here. Umm. I've been a member of this community for some time now, but I'm usually one of those quiet members, who never say anything. Because I fail at life like that. D: Anyhoo. I'm an 18-year-old girl finnish girl, but I think I have the maturity of an 8-year-old. x) I mainly fangirl Arashi, but KAT-TUN is a close second (with w-inds. x)), and nowadays I'm absolutely in love with Jin. Like the majority of KAT-TUN fans, so it seems. Homg, I'm so mainstream. D: Njah, I love the other members too, I actually first fell in love with Kame, but somehow my preferences have switched and now it's all about Jin. o.o

I'd kind of like to have more KAT-TUN fans on my flist, so umm, umm, let's be friends? :DD My journal contains occasional fangirling and random angsting about my life, so if that kind of stuff interests you, please, feel free to add me. x)

I'd contribute something, but I suck at making graphics and I don't really have clips people here don't already have. Sowwy. :>

(okay, I did everything right, right? I mean, this is allowed, isn't it? *is nervous* Sorry, I tend to worry about stuff like that. x) ♥)
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[mp3s and such] Sparking! Dream Boy!

I come baring mp3s and some screencaps.

First, Ueda's performance of Sparking from Shounen Club. Mp3!!! I think someone already uploaded it, but I ripped it anyway, so I'll share.

And then, because I'm easily amused and because Takki's Dream Boy gets no love, here's about 24 screencaps! Mostly of Kame or Jin.

Finally, I ripped all of Takki's Dream Boy and made 19 mp3s! *squee*

All in one stupidly huge post for your convenience.

About Me!!

Yip, I see everyone is introducing themselves, so I might as well do the same thing ne? So let's see I'm a 13 year old girl, living in the U.S. I'm Vietnamese, but I'm more into the Japanese culture, not saying Viet culture sucks or anything, I like it too. The only way I discovered the whole Johnny industry was through my friend, who thought I was going to die this summer, showed me a drama called 1 litre of tears, which I might add is a real tear jerker. So anyways, I started getting interested in Nishikido Ryo, leading to NewS, leading to YamaPi, leading to Nobuta wo Produce, leading to Kame, leading to KAT-TUN. Anyways that's how I fell in love with KAT-TUN, but I can't say NewS or KAT-TUN is better then the other, let's just say in my book they're on the same level. Ueda Tatsuya is my fave member in KAT-TUN, fell in love with him when I heard him sing Love in Snow!!

Let's see what else, oh I highly doubt any of my friends are really that interested in the whole Japan thing, so I'm hoping to befriend more KAT-TUN fans, and also NewS.

Mostly other then those things I'm hoping for a penpal, hehe, okay maybe netpal, but yeah pretty much get the point hehe.
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HI PEOPLE ! I just joined this community like 2 days ago and started LJ a week ago but I caught up with all the stuff pretty fast, I think :D! lol this is just like me introducing myself to everyone in all the different forums I belong to. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

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MM YEAH THAT'S IT FOR MY INTRODUCTION. nice to meet you people! :D
I love LJ :x It's my fastest way to grab on the news about Kame&KAT-TUN and all the goodies of songs, vids, pics, downloads <3
feel free to add me if you wanna read about my boring life and random rants about random things =DD

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Yo! ^_^ [Introduction]

I've been here for a while but I haven't introduced myself yet. So today I told myself that I have to introduce me.
I'm a girl from Sweden, 14 years old. I've been obsessed with KAT-TUN since last year (it was my friend who got me in). My favourite member is Jin, and as you probably have noticed I'm not alone in loving him.. But I'm starting to like Kame more. 
After KAT-TUN I like Arashi very much. But I do also like Kanjani8 (especially after watching dreamboys 2006) and News a lot. ^_^ 
My biggest interest is johnnys, anime & manga (Fullmetal alchemist <3) and I adore Japan. ^_^ I want to go to Japan, but it's so far away from Sweden. I must go there when I'm older *yakusoku*.

I enjoy making johnnys icons in photoshop. So you'll probably see some icon posts here in the future. 

I don't mind if you add me on your lj friendlist. That would be nice ^__^

And sorry for my bad english, english is my second language, I'm still learning it in school.. please bear with it. XD
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Shirokin Uni is an alternate-universe, which means there are relationships to build, bonds to make and room mates to get used to. You have the choice whether you're a prep or a jock, whether you're a skeet, or skank. It's all depends who you want to be.

And because this is a school, there's going to be classes, depending on what you chose your major to be. It can be anything, english, science, arts, your pick. (Though they actually won't take place, you can get to know a person who's in your class, RP in class, etc.)

Roommates are going to be random. There's no guarentee that Kame will end up with Jin (though WE like that a bit too much), and we're not going to change your roommate because you don't know someone's character.

Since it is a uni, you'll have to learn. ;D

There's still a lot of people to claim, so hurry!


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hello everyone!!! its Yuki!!!!

I know I usually post video's but today, I did a Screen Cap spam MY BOSS MY HERO!!!!
(I think I' m kinda late... everyone's probably watched that by now...)

Click here!!!  for my rambling and pic spam on MY BOSS MY HERO!!!

hope you guys like it....

comments are always welcome and if you like my stuff.. feel free to "friend" me and I'll friend you back ne?
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