July 10th, 2006

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not speaking about that nonsence with Ueda, does anybody have that video or maybe it is uploaded on Youtube, when girl said *shut up!*/*die* to Kame, 'cause i'd really would like to see that.

Thanks for the answer, ganbatte ;)
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Requestinng Kat-tun Real Face PVs - All 6 Individual Angles

Ok. I was browsing around came across this post that had all 6 versions of Real Face.
And I was like holy moly gotta have em, but the links were dead and I am in dire need of these.I was kinda hoping someone re-up them on YSI or MU or something.Thanks.

Oh. And here's Summary for anyone who doesn't have it yet.

Summary of Johnny's World

Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RG1W2V9K
Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=72E85HZP
Part 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFJ584UR

use hj split to join them together again.
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Kazuya - Perfection

Utawara Soccer crack!

See. This, and Koki (and Tegoshi and Nagase)'s new drama had made me laugh more this weekend than I have the for the past two weeks - and still I've laughed A LOT.

So I figured; those who can't use/has problems with clubbox and can't/won't wait for torrents?
Heeere we go uploading!

So far I've only uploaded part 1 on MU, but I'm uploading part 2 as I type this and after that will go to YSI and then SS. I love SS but when it comes to uploading, for some reason it goes sooo slow. ;_; So it'll be the last one. ^^

Part 1 Utawara 2006.07.09 MegaUpload YouSendIt
Part 2 Utawara 2006.07.09 MegaUpload YouSendIt

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Oh. And just for the record - MatsuJun is hot. ^_^

Kazuya's hair is awesome. Jin is such a goof I love him. Taguchi can play soccer O_O, I'll marry Koki, Ueda's such a girl xD and Nakamaru... Please god. <3

Once I've uploaded part 2, I'll add a description to what they have to do and stuff too... Unless someone beats me to it. ^_^;
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Sapuri Ep 00 Special

Hi minna-san! I don't remember seeing this posted yet... but I'm often blind so smack me if it has been ^^;;;

This is the 43 minute before episode 1 special (they did one for nobuta too ne?) It is interviews with all the main cast, introductions, and clips of the show.

Clubbox: 369mb

gomen I can only afford to ul to clubbox.

Also a heads up that Sapuri ep 1 torrent is up at d-addicts =) I'll be uling that into clubbox later too, but those who prefer bt should head over to d-a XDD
yuuwaku Kame

KAT-TUN New Song

well~ as everyone know, SAPURI's Opening Theme is KAT-TUN's song
many though it would be I'll be with you...
well... that's a LIE!
cause it's A NEW SONG....with out a title
yeah~ it doesn't have a title
on SAPURI credits it just said OPENING THEME - KAT-TUN
it's a really nice song though, fits the drama perfectly!

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hehe, strange thought

Well, I was listening to the radio one day, and suddenly got hooked on that weird "Hips Don't Lie" song by Shakira. And of course, the first thing that came to mind was JIN's slutty dancing. Naturally, my second thought was KAME.

So, I just wanted to throw out a possible fanvid of Akame with "Hip's Don't Lie" as the music. I'd do it myself, but my computer is whack with video editing. ^^

Cause when it comes to Akame, the hips really don't lie. XD
yuuwaku Kame


finally! SIGNAL PV will be first aired 7/11 in ZoomIn Super


i just looked at the time, OMG it's already past 8 in japan, that means the PV is already out~
going to look for download
me, 2013

A couple of Caps

here are a couple of caps....sorry for the size....Kinda crappy quality, but I have to go shopping right now :( Ueda's Sparking perf...and Kame's 16seconds







in a hurry..... Gomen
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New to clubbox

I've just learned to use clubbox, and I'm looking for places on clubbox where I can download johnny's/kat-tun stuff. And I would also like to know if there's a place where I can download full Utawara episodes? If anyone could help me I would be very happy.. ^^

I know this isn't exactly about KAT-TUN, so if it's not ok to ask here feel free to delete it ^_^

yeahiknowimastupidnewbie .
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