July 9th, 2006

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[Request] Shounen Club?

Ahh... I would like to ask for a place to download the latest Shounen Clubs from. As in the most recent one from July 2nd and the like... one being aired today. xD (Okay, I don't expect to find today's, but yeah.) I also have a hole where the May 7th episode should be. xD

So, I've already checked Himitsu, jpopsuki, and various forums... of which even if they had the episodes, I don't have enough posts to download. I saw Arashi's Kitto Daijoubu perf from 07/02, so I know it must be swimming around the internet somewhere... neh? :D;; *hopes so* Anyhow, if any of you know where to get the new SCs, I'd greatly appreciate it! Any dl source is fine. YouSendIt, MegaUpload, SendSpace, RapidShare, BitTorrent, Clubbox, etc. I'd even like to see it on YouTube... if you could find it. @__@

Please and thank you so much in advance! ♥

I should be more patient, neh? >___<;; But ahhh.
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Hullo there! I have a roleplay site with a spot filled with every kat-tun member EXCEPT JUNNO! Every one on the rp site is REALLY active in replies we even have kusano and yamapi randomly there XD. So I ask someone please fill the slot for junno-chan! It would be great if someone could and i would be very greatful!!!!!!
~Jin rper~
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17 Real Face Icons

._. And now, for you to laugh at use if you so wish, I bring you 17 of the crappiest Real Face icons ever. (Please keep in mind, I'm a newbie at icon-making ;-; These are the first icons I've ever made. If you don't like, don't flame, just tell me how to improve >_<)

Kame x2
Jin x2
Junno x2
Koki x2
Ueda x4
Maru x1
JinDa x1

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[BNS] Kattun@Utawara 2006.05.14 - Showa Bijin.avi

Konnichiwa Minna-san!!! 
It's Yuki again!!! 

This time I've uploaded another video which features KAT-TUN and two Showa Bijin 
(beautiful women from the Showa time period)

KOKI is YON-SAMA!!!  Koki as Yon-sama from Winter Sonata!!!

This episode of Utawara features two Showa Bijin (women born in a certain time period in Japan, they are known as beautiful women from the Showa Period).
KAT-TUN must pay close attention to their stories and they are quizzed on it (the stories are quite hilarious!!!)
If they lose............     THEY ARE CLOBBERED BY THE SHOWA BIJIN!!!!!          just joking... 
They have to hug the Showa Bjin who is telling the story while acting out a specific scene from a famous drama.

This video is English-Subbed by BAKA NO SEKAI 

Here is the link!!!   
Please do not post elsewhere without asking the permission of BNS, see their rules for more info.

and for my random ramblings (usually KAT-TUN, NEWS or Kanjani8 related) please go to my journal!!!

That's it for now!!! Please "friend" me if you like my ramblings and comments are welcome!!!

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[Fanfic] Johnnies Of The Caribbean

..Real original name, I know.

Name: Johnnies Of The Caribbean [subject to change?]
Genre: asdf; everything.
Rating: Expect anything and everything. Which means, watch yo'self.
Summary: (FOR CHAPTER 1 AND BEYOND) Captain Pi Sparrow, whilst sailing aimlessly around the seven seas, is pillaged in the middle of the night by a mysterious ship Captain and his crew. Among the stolen goods (none valuable, sparing one) is Pi Sparrow’s prized birthday cake, of which it is unclear whom it was originally intended for. Dragging himself back onto land, Pi begs the help of the feisty swordsman Jin Turner and his lovely bride Kamelizabeth.
Please do note: I fail miserably. But I hope at least one person finds it amusing. Surely I'm not the only one who watched POTC2 and only thought of JE boys?... *general consensus of readers = yes, you are*
Disclaimer(s): ..are stupid. Of course these characters aren't mine. And I've butchered their personalities quite nicely, if I do say so myself. :D;

Chapter 1: Um. Cake and convincing Akame to help Captain Pi Sparrow.

Crossposted to one kattun community, one yamapi community, and one JE fic community. Forgive?

[mp3] Sixteen Seconds from July 9th Utawara

Man, I don't even like this song and I made not one, but two mp3s. And I still haven't watched the performance of it. I fail at being a Kame fan since I haven't seen him molest the chair yet. *shrugs*

Anyway! Utawara video stolen from http://clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr

I cut two different versions of the song because... I don't like whistling in songs. So I uploaded both and you can decide which one you want.

Both are 320kbps and both fade out at the end.

First one: The entire performance! Including the whistling! Including Kame's sad attempt at English! (I think. He is speaking English at the beginning, right?)
Sixteen Seconds

Second one: No whistling. No weird English. It starts up right as the song does.
Sixteen Seconds version 2.0

And on a completely unrelated note, who's the woman they got to replace MatsuJun as host? O__o Because s/he has prettier and longer hair than me and that's not fair at all.

this is so silly...

So they showed Pirates of the Caribbean on TV (YAY!!!),

and halfway through it,

i started thinking about Johnny's Ent.,

and wondered...

... if the jimusho ever decided to make a Pirates of their own,

who in JE would they cast as whom? :)

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i'm sorry for being so crappy. :(
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[MOD] I don't like it so zip it!

Okay, this thing about Ueda, it doesn't bother me 'cause I know the story behind it so fuck off! Stop trying to stir the KAT-TUN fandom and stop haten just 'cause you can and for your own selfish reasons! If you got a problem then keep it to yourself and your friends only journal(s)!

Addition to Rules -- No entries shall contain any kind of visual porn or leading to it! (= no visual naked man sex) Be warned! Things will probably be changing in the near future!

And yes, the post about Ueda, supposedly, has been deleted.
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Real Face icons

You guys are probably getting tired of seeing icons from the Real Face PV. I just had to give a try at making them since the I love the PV so much.^^ These probably aren't as great as some of the ones already made, but I hope you like them anyway. Credit goes to xakamex for providing the screencaps used to make icons, thank you so much again!

[30] KAT-TUN Real Face PV icons


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

link to the rest of the icons

Please comment and credit if taking, thanks^^