July 8th, 2006

Kame.  BOD for men.

Real Face PV Screencaps --

I have A LOT of screencaps for yall to play with! I went frame to frame and took the ones I liked most. Some may look the same but there is slight difference such as ONE FRAME movement. ^^;; Overall, there are 591 screencaps, 720x480 each, and the ZIP pack is about 30MB. It took me awhile to finish capping so I hope everyone will find them useful in some way such as making icons or drooling over. I tried to get caps of T-TUN as much as I could, I swear! Prease to enjoy!

[Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3]
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I guess I was really bored. ^^;;

[translation] Jin + Koki Talking about Summer - August Duet 2006

This is a translation from Jin and Koki's part in the newest Duet. Which I went emo over yesterday coz it hadn't arrived at my Kino yet. I mean, what obsessed? Of course not.

So anyways. I read this on luvjin's blog last night and started translating straight away because I thought it was cute XD. She translated it from Japanese to Chinese, and I've done it from Chinese to English. And my Chinese isn't the greatest. Any Chinese fans able to go over it again?

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[Some random questions]

I was wondering whether all members of Kattun have left school... I've heard Koki got a place in the literature course in the Tokyou Gakuen University in 2004 or so(not sure about the name), is he still going to university now? I would be astonished if he really is, it'll be very difficult for him to balance his academics and his singing career...
And why everyone says Junno is a smartie(in terms of academic level I guess) among the other members?

so c o n fus ed

ah, new member post...

hi everyone!

just wanted to make a quick introduction post since i just joined. :D my name is tiffany, from the sunny state of california. i've been a kat-tun fan, for- well, quite awhile now. i love all the members, but my favorite boy is mr. akanishi himself. *laugh* ueda comes real close though! ♥

nice to meet you all! ...and i'm seriously lacking in friends of the JE fandom, so prease to be adding me?
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In which case there are many, many memes for JE floating around. But hay, I got this awesome idea to compile the information. So here is a JE survey. I'm going to ask you to please fill it out in the comments of this entry rather than on your own journal or something because I intend on tallying the information and distributing it. I was just going to do an LJ poll but it only allows a maximum of 30 questions or something. D:;; So I'm sorry this is more inconvenient.

Who do people like more, Jin or Kame? Who is the dumbest JE member, according to fangirls? Who is the best singer? All of this and more can be answered with your help. :D

It is 105 questions long, however, so get comfortable and turn on your favorite JE album. ;D

Will be xposted everywhere eventually.