July 7th, 2006

[PIC SPAM] Dream Boys 2006 - KAT-TUN vs. Kanjani8

Yes I know I am late.

Everyone else has probably posted their pic spams of DB already.

I watched DB a few days ago but I only had time to pic spam it today.

It was GREAT. But I had ALMOST NO IDEA what was happening LOL.

If you want to see my hopeless attempts of comprehending what was going on, go to my journal.
(Obviously there are spoilers for DB)

If not, you can ignore this post ^_^

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Hey everyone!!! This is my first time posting in the community so I have something for everyone!!! 
KAT-TUN Playing volleyball in UTAWARA!!!

Jin drinking the dreaded "AOJIRU"
Here is a picture of Jin drinking the dreaded "AOJIRU"

Basically, the members of KAT-TUN are to play again two ex-pro volleyball players and score a point. But the hard thing is, each member must touch the ball before it is sent back to the other side. Each time they fail to do so, they have to drink this "AOJIRU" thing which is a nasty green blend of veggies. AND IF THEY LOSE, THEY WILL HAVE TO COSPLAY ON THE TRAIN BACK HOME... >____<

Note: This video is English-Subbed by BAKA NO SEKAI

Here's the Link!!!   <-- ITS UPDATED!!!!

and for my rambling on Dream Boys 2006, please go to my journal!!!
(yes, I know I'm kinda late... everyone has probably watched that by now)

That's it for now!!! Please "friend" me if you like my ramblings and comments are welcome!!!
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I've said this before, but if you want to watch Dream Boys, and you can download torrents, then go to Jpopsuki to download it.
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just small request

Hi, minna!
If someone has video *kame/kattun singing Tsukiyoru no Monogatari and Jounetsu* please please please share it!
MU, YSI or smth else would be great
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hi everybody!! i'm new here! and new to LJ as well!! ^_^ i have a question, does anybody have a bigger version of this pic?

^_^ thx a lot in advance!! oh, and add me pls..haha and i have a cute layout too XD i dont have any friends yet :(