July 6th, 2006


[request] clubbox addresses

MEH. I'm in a SHITTY mood and I'm in the mood for downloading stuff off of Clubboxes(miraculously started working after a year of try!)
Can anyone direct me to a few CLUBBOXESSS?
I don't have much that I can offer, but found 2 magazines lying around from TV channel guides..Yeah, they're old but I wanted to share something that hasnt been posted at least.. today. Let's go back to the undebut-ed days(?!)

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DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight

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LOVE to love you

sorry....too lazy for anything more x_x

open to suggestions, btw...*not happy with the words on the first two*

and this isn't a birthday post, this is a "I finally got unlazy enough to finish these and post them" post :P

comments are optional, credit is a must.

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