July 5th, 2006

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Belated Birthday Tribute~

EDIT: Kyaa. Thank you, xakamex! ♥

Yes, so-
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[x1]Jin x Koki
[x1]Jin x Tackey
[x1]Jin x Ueda x Nakamaru


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And lastly... fic.
Title: N/A
Fandom: JE
Author: imwahyou
Pairings: Pairings for everyone! x] Uh. I tried to include what is considered 'canon' and my personal preferences. That means... Akame and Pin, RyoJin, Jin x Jun, Jinda, etc. Some sentences are also without pairing.
Rating: PG-13 for profanity and mentions of buttsex. :X
Claim of disclaim: Jin, you are so pretty... whut? 8D
Notes: My first ever JE fanfiction... ahh. It's also been a while since my last attempt at fandom related writing. x__< Ah... technically for 1sentence, but I don't have a claim there.

Also, I totally cheat. There will be too many semi-colons for it to be legal. Run-on sentences. Overuse of ellipses. And dashes. Mulitple instances of punctuation within a theme that blatantly say "YOU SUCK, CHEATER :OOO. <3" But shhh! :D;; There are places in which the POV is so ambiguous/indeterminable that it could apply to anyone... and I also I think I stole quotes and stuff from random sources. ;__; asldk;jaf. But yuh, I'll shut up here. ♥

Comments, criticism, and corrections are love. <3

( In which Jin is a manwhore... <3 )
[fake... I'm sorry! ):]

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x-posted like asldkjflj! Sorry everyone. ;___;
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Thank you

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Hello ^^ nice to meet you guys here ^^ i'm new in livejournal and this community but not really that new in Kat Tun ^^ i know them trought Pop music club ^^ i like yuichi and tatsuya ^^ 

hope i can lean more about them and share the love of Kat Tun ^^ and .. if i did any wrong pls do tell me and correte me >< wish i'll not made any trouble to you guys in here ^^

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I know some people are asking me to file them Dream Boys, and I'm happy with that, but right now something is wrong with my router, and because the files are on my laptop, which can't access the internet right now, I'm not able to send you the files. When I am able to access the internet again, I'll post here, gomen to all the people who were looking forward to watching Dream Boys.
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