July 4th, 2006

Dream Boys 2006 [sendspace]

[edit #2] I'm done I'm done I'M DONEEEEEEEE!

[edit] Disc 2 Part One is up. I apologise for delay. I HAD BOTH PARTS UPLOADING AND THEY WERE SO CLOSE TO FINISHING AND THEN... Okay I'd rather not talk about it. EURGH. Part Two will be up tomorrow... !

I've spent an extremely unhealthy amount of time plopped in front of the computer today. Seriously.

But in other good news, I'm in the process of uploading Dream Boys (which I love lots) onto sendspace for kaguramoeba and Disk One is finally done. I figured I'd post up the links for anyone else who Megaupload and Clubbox like to bully. ♥ Credits for the original file goes to the ryojin CB, who credit Ike.

Disk One is split into three files and Disk Two into two. Join with the wonderful HJsplit thingy, yes?

Disk One:
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3

Disk Two is still uploading, but I'll edit and add the links tmr when they're done (it's 02:30 now).
- Part 1
- Part 2

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Oyasumi. (because I like to think I can speak Japanese. XD)
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Happy Birthday to Jin and Happy July 4th!!!

Please, no more individual posts on wishing Jin a Happy Birthday cause I don't want to have 97438247834 posts about the same subject. If you have graphics or anything, please post them here as a comment so we can collect all the love for him in one spot! Thank you all!

Also, a very Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope you guys get to see the fireworks if you celebrate this holiday!!! ♥

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Small request...

I've become entirely enamored of Kat-Tun's song Rhodesia...does anyone have the lyrics? Either romanji or (even better) english. It has such a killer beat and really unique feel to it from any of their other songs and the bit I can understand "I want your love, I want your hate" intrigues me. Help, guys?
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Can someone please upload the DB 2006 performance of Jin's solo "Ha-ha"? I've seen it on youtube and I'm in looooove with it. XD

Arigatou gozaimasu in advance!


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Song requests

hello everyone! It's just dawned on me...that i have a poor amount of Kattun songs >.< which sucks, but i was wondering if anyone had the songs from the KAT-TUN Live Kaizokuban Concert, Seishun Amigo and any other songs that might be of interest ^^

as a bribe, i'm willing to upload the songs i do have, which aren't large in number...but i'll try my best ^^, and umm...any other songs that you may want that i have...which is mostly arashi ^^

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[fic] 30_romances; Akame

Fandom: KAT-TUN
Title: The One In Which There Is Angst And A Possibly Happy Ending
Author: forochel
Theme(s): #22; footfall
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIN. I do now know why I am obligated to write fic you will be horrified at (if you could understand it) on your birthday, but it's a pretty excuse to write. Yay! ♥ Also as congratulations to myself for making it onto the Strings comm. Haaaah.(This is a summary. Do not question me.)
Disclaimer: They do not own me. I mean, I do not own them. If I actually did own them, they'd be getting their proper amounts of sleep. And food.


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Well if anyone wants to watch Dream Boys, I have both parts. I'll send you the file by AIM, or you can add me on MSN. Also gomen cause there are no english subs for the musical, but you can still get the plot lol.
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