July 3rd, 2006

沢尻エリカ ; 幻想

Real Face - #1 on Oricon Top 50 Singles

[Real Face] has dominated Oricon Style Top 50 Singles chart from 12/05/2005-07/03/2006 with 1,016,575 copies sold. Not only that, it's the only single that has sold over 1 million copies on the chart (in that period, not overall, in case you offend me since some singles have also sold over 1 million overall).

[Best of KAT-TUN] also ranks #9 in top 50 album chart (only 9? O.O But hey, it's my lucky number XD)

And also, [Seishun Amigo] is still on the top 3 of best-selling single. Sugoi nee, Kame-chan... I mean Shuuji to Akira X3

And just a funny trivia but JE boys really dominate the single chart with 12/50 belongs to them XD

Congratulations to our boys again <3

Source and chart: IKIMASSHOI.COM
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Request: Random Doki Doki Song.

Hello people's. I have been looking for an audio version of this song since the late 70's. 

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Indeed, it is the same performance where Kame and Junno confess their love to each other, with super dork glasses; where Jin falls backwards on his ultra-small chair; where everybody sings "Hey! Hey!". Yep. The YouTube link est ici.
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Hello! Has anyone got a bigger/clearer version of this picture of Jin? I found it in someone's livejournal but couldn't find the source of the picutre!

He is gorgeous beyond words....*dies*

Thanks for helping! Hurray for Jin! Hurray for Kat-tun!

Jin + Junno on Zoomin 2006.07.03

JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! and smiley Junno makes me happy XD On Zoomin! Or is it Zoom In Super? Or just Zoom In? I don't know how to name my file *cries*

Yes but anyways, DL it @ http://clubbox.co.kr/apinkmaru because I love that clubbox lots ♥ And I would upload it onto another server for those who can't use CB but I'm already uploading Dream Boys so it would take a few years. Someone extremely nice please upload instead? [Edit: I'm uploading onto sendspace now, but someone else can feel free to upload anyways and we'll see who wins. Heh coz mine might take a while ^^ Edit #2: I WIN.]

Sendspace link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lexry3

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Does anyone know what exactly their doing? Judging, by the looks of it. But I thought the 24Hour thingy was about helping people? 

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jedomy, a community for JE-related dreams
because, you know, if you can't meet them in RL, there's always in your dreams :D

(xposted everywhere like the sad rabid fangirl I am, my apologies / mods please delete if inappropriate)
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Gokusen 2 Screenies.

Yay~ Final episode, finally. I typed a really short review and stuff (not much spoilers) over at my journal, along with my set of screenies. I don't know. To be honest, there wasn't much KAT-TUN to snapshot because it's the final episode (and if you've seen Gokusen, you'll know that the last one is based on Yankumi a lot). Anyways. Link to my journal because KAT-TUN likes no fakes. 

... I hope you're not laughing at that poorly done, Junno-like pun. Ha.
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22 x Akanishi Jin
26 x Kamenashi Kazuya

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o2. Please do not claim them as your own.
o3. Credit would be nice.
o4. Comments are very much appreciated.
o5. Textless icons are not bases, so please do not alter them in any way!
o6. Do not redistribute elsewhere.

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The rest at __tales :D


I made a fanvideo to celebrate Jin(6 minutes picspam and jin songs). ^_^
YSI link - Gomen-ne it's in wmv format.. 
Anyway, let us all celebrate Jin this special day! :D 
Hope you'll have a fun and peaceful birthday Jin! You deserve it!
I don't know if fanvideos are allowed here? But if it's not then feel free to delete my post.

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[CRACK FIC] Why Kame has one painted nail in DREAM BOYS

ohfetus challenged me to write "MAYONNAISE CANNON" four times and I succeeded. Beware of crack, I guess Akame, trying-to-be-funny-and-probably-not-succeeding, and I guess bad language, but who here didn't listen to ha-ha? Learn why Junno is in KAT-TUN, why Ryo isn't, and how that picture of Kame with Beer-chan got out. Seriously.

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