July 2nd, 2006

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KAT-TUN Music Game

I came home slightly later than expected...and apparently more people participated that I thought...so counting all those answers took some time.

Answers have been revealed and winners have been posted!!!~

(Click Here!)

1. I forgot to mention one of the songs was actually a song KAT-TUN sang with NewS. I wonder if I mentioned that, would more people have gotten Summary correct?
2. I guess I should have mentioned that depending on what performance the songs I have are ripped from, the first line may differ from what the rest of you have. ><''
3. One or two of you commented on how some of the lines were too short, or even too common to be found within any songs. I guess, it's probably how I saw those lyrics as a line on it's own...so I figured/assumed other people would know too. I admit that there are one or two songs I cut the English part that was right in front of it...so it's not fully a line on it's own (Wilds of my Heart, Best Friend, Six Senses)...but I thought since I said it's at the beginning of the song, the answer would have been obvious. ><'' Guess I should stop making assumptions.
4. For future games, I would probably use a random line from the chorus just to make things easier...at least no one can argue where the chorus is right? =P
5. Possible future games' topics:
KAT-TUN and NewS (Original songs only)
NewS Ver.01
KAT-TUN Ver.02 (Probably with repeats from Ver.01 though)
Johnny Jrs. (Ya-Ya-Yah, J.J.Express, Kis-My-Ft...etc...)
Shounen Club 2005 - Part 1
Shounen Club 2005 - Part 2
Shounen Club 2006 - Part 1...etc...
Ya-Ya-Yah TV Show - Part 1...etc...

I don't really have a lot of JE senpai songs...the only two I have enough songs for is probably Arashi and Kinki Kids. Though if anyone want to take the idea and do it, say, for Tackey and Tsubasa...I don't mind. ^^ Just tell me so I can expect it coming. =P

Glad everyone enjoyed the game!~ Hopefully, I'll find some time and organize the next game soon!~
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Dream Boys??

I'm Nili, 15 from Israel (I don't think I ever introduced myself, but maybe I have, my memory is pretty short so... XDD).

I have been looking at "dream boys" caps ALL NIGHT. and I'm drooling, and shaking and drooling some more from the hottness!!!
Kame looks so beautiful and Jin looks so sexy!!

I sooooo want to see it, but MegaUpload never works for me because of the slots problem!! ]]: *cries and pulls my hair out*
is there any other place to download it? I'm dying here you guys, it's summer vacation and I can't allow it to end without watching dream boys!! I REFUSE!!