July 1st, 2006

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[screencaps] DREAM BOYS 2006

I should have gotten this out earlier this morning but I was tired. Anywayz. I went on a capping binge. Now they're all rarred and ready to go! So if you want to make icons or whatever, I have two .rar files full of screencaps from DREAM BOYS. I did this late last night/early this morning so for some parts I may have just phased out and just started to press the "P" button! But maybe you like obscure caps. IDK. Anyway, one might say I'm biased. So 200 of these are probably of Jin. Not like that's a bad thing. Um. . . douzo. 8D

640x360 | 572 caps [DISC 1] | 608 caps [DISC 2] | .jpg | .rar
Video gotten from Hitmitsu.

would you like some sweet bitch? (yes, if it's you, jin.)

Dream Boys screenshot spam + WTF

So I finally got around to watching my downloaded Dream Boys DVD... yes I resisted for 2 WHOLE DAYS! *proud of self*

But yeh anyways, I've been watching for about 2 hours now, and am still only 30 minutes into it... I like to pause and rewatch parts that are completely WTF to me, and that's basically the whole thing! XP

Okay after my seemingly useless rambling, here's the point of this post. Could someone please tell me what Dream Boys is even about?! I don't understand anything, and since there aren't any subs whatsoever I can't even guess what's going on! ^^"

Since I was completely lost, I decided to take screenshots instead. :)

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Thank you dearies~ ♥
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[Fic] A Series of Fairytales

Title: A Series of Fairytales
Pairing: Akame, Junda, KoMa (?)
Author: ruby
Genre: Crack
Date: 06.07.01
Summary: KAT-TUN will do parodies of famous fairytales as part of their new segment in Utawara. This will be a series of short one-shots which can stand on their own but it will fun to read everyone’s episodes ne? ^__^

Cut to the fic…

x-posted a bit. Sorry.
Kazuya - Perfection

Dream Boys songlist

Um.. Yeah. Don't know if this is important or stuff, but thought I'd post it.

Song list grabbed from http://blog.ryuuko.net/
Romanized by me

1.Will Be All Right
3.One Night
4.それぞれの想い (Sorezore no Omoi)
5.星の光る空 (Hoshi no Hikaru Sora)
7.On The Park
9.Will Be All Right (Kazuya)
10.Sad Song
12. All Of Me For You 
14.アリガトウ (Arigatou)
15.絆 (Kizuna)
16.挑戦者 (Chousenja)

17.Secret Agent Man
大阪レイニーブルース (Osaka Rainy Blues)
ハルカナ約束 (Harukana Yakusoku)
浪花いろは節 (Naniwa iro ha bushi)
千年のLoveSong (Sennen no LoveSong)
20.好きやねん、大阪。 (Sukiyanen, Osaka)
21無限大 (Mugendai)
桜援歌 (Oh! Enka)
22.青春アミーゴ (Seishun Amigo)
24.One on One
フリーズ (Freeze)
25 Everytime~夢のかけら (Everytime~Yume no kakera)

And asdie from that; Congratulations KAT-TUN For being Single #1!! .. And I want CDTV already *_*

(Oh and Portugal sucks~)
sho and ohno

Epiloge to the Butterfly Trap

Title:  A Night of Love
Pairing: JinDa and a mention of JunnoXKame
Minor Characters: Tanaka Koki, Kamanashi Kazuya, Junnosake Taguchi and Nakamaru Yuichi
Disclaimer: I own them in my dreams...and then I wake up...and realize that i don't own them in real life...don't hurt me *sniffles...goes back to dream land*
Genre: Smut ^^
Rating: NC 17 for smut and extremely sexually content
Summary: epilogue to the Butterfly Trap. Umm...Ueda wants to plan a special night for him and Jin, but Jin reads his journal, and fuflfills Ueda's desires ^^

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Dreamboys icons

I haven't introduced myself yet, but I'm a big fan of kat-tun. I had another lj account before when I was here, but I didn't introduce myself then. My favourite boy is Akanishi, and second is Kame~
I love making icons, and I've just watched the first part of dreamboys so I made 42 icons out of it..


Get to the icons!
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