June 30th, 2006

Kazuya - Perfection

[fic] Yabeki - Chapter 3

Title: Yabeki
Author: Ohimechan & Aiko
Pairing: Jin/Kazuya, Tomohisa/Kazuya, hints of Shige/Koyama & RyoChi
Characters: X Group: Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki. Y Group: Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki, Nakamaru Yuichi. Still in no group: Kusano Hironori.
Disclaimer: General Disclaimer and stuff.
Genre: School fic, angst, love, hate - all that stuff.
Rating: PG13 (I think? I don't know!)
Word Count: 4 528
Summary: Ohimechan sucks with writing summaries, so just read it. However, one thing is pretty obvious: Uchi's hat is magical.

Shige's soo crushing~

Previous Chapter/s:
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

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Lyrics to SIGNAL~!!

Here's the kanji and romaji lyrics to the full-version of SIGNAL!~<3 The only problem would be Koki's rap. I'm missing the first two lines because it's overlapping with Jin and I can't focus enough to figure out what he's saying... ^-^;;; But I have a feeling no one ever knows what he's saying until they perform the song on a show somewhere, so I'll edit it when they make an appearance on Music Station or HEY!x3, whichever comes out first. XP

I LOVE SIGNAL so much!!!~<3 Especially how sexy they sound in it... I can't wait till the single comes out. >___<

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KAT-TUN Music Game

I'm spamming KAT-TUN LOVE today... ^-^;;; You guys don't mind, do you? ^-~ LOL. Anyways, I made this clip long time ago and forgot about it, but figured I should post it up before I erase it.

I mixed five songs to overlap each other, figure out what five song it is. It should be easy... and since YSI only lasts for a week, I'll post up answers then.

[EDIT] I only hear four, so it's four songs unless someone has super hearing and catches a fifth one. I can't remember how many I put in there. ^-^;;; I thought it was five...

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Devils Beside You

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Translation for SIGNAL

I swear this is my lsat post!! ^-^;;; I just figured I might as well translate it while I'm at it... and as you can see I'm a bit bored right now.

Warning: Since the lyrics aren't official, and I'm not positive on what Koki is saying in his lovely rap in what he thinks is Japanese and English, lyrics are subject to change. I really hope not though. -_-;; Let's put it this way, me and my brother are placing bets on what he said.

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[translation] Easy June Issue Pikame Love

I was reading the 2006 June issue of Easy, a chinese magazine, and there was an article talking about "first times" of famous stars. Kame's first time is soooooo cute! It's the first time he had a guest over. Yamapi! XD. Kame said his first impression of Yamapi, was that he looked really mature, and Kame couldn't believe they were in the same grade. But then once he started talking to Yamapi, he felt like Yamapi had "the innocence of a child", or rather, acted like a 5-year-old. They even played with fireworks in the front yard. Yamapi was the first person to ever visit Kame's house but Kame hadn't had time to clean his room yet! The two of them stayed up till 2 or 3 am in the morning just talking *coughcoughSURE*cough*, and were even late to work the next day!

ROFL. Pikame love foreverrrr!!!


I hate requesting without having anything in return, but does anyone have just the KAT-TUN segment from Utaban March 23rd? I figured this'd be the best place to ask. If you want anything in return, you can ask and I'll see if I have it. ^^;;