June 29th, 2006



Haha, third post this week. Tired of me yet? Anyhoo, I'm here again but this time I'm with mah girl ilaila645 to bring you the stunning conclusion of our crack fansub series! It's been a lot of fun and we're happy you like what we've done. Thanx for all the comments! So, without further ado...

Rilla Productions Presents:
KAT-TUN on Hey x3 - Part 5: The Wrench That Stole Kame's Leg
OMGWHUT? Haha, watch to find out what it's all about.

A wee teaser:

Da Linkage

I have put DL links to past eppies in my journal so feel free to stop by if you missed any of them.
Thanx again everyone. Hope you like the last part! This may be the end of the KAT-TUN series but not the end of us. Riila Productions will be back. ^___^

And so I don't spam the comm, I've made more signs of wisdom. Prease to checking out!

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Hey minna! ^^ I'm in japan right now! it's sooooo coooollll~~~!!!! Anyway, since i'm coming back to america in, like a few days or so, i was looking around in the shops and found *OMG* the KAT-TUN box sets EVERYWHERE! The ones with the best of kattun, realface single&film, and the photo set and the stickers. Kya!! and they were really cheap! (remind me to only shop in japan from now on...) I was wondering, since i'm one of those people who loves shopping for other people, if anyone would be interested in them, if i were to buy some extra ones ^^ I bought mine for, like $30 at a discount store. There's also all the singles and stuff around for cheaper than in CDjapan and stuff. Like the newest V6 singles, even smap singles, like dear woman, were like $5! I love japan...so any requests, Johnny's, L'arc...whatever. i'm also going to the johnny's store, so picture requests as well. post the picture that you want, though, cause i'm not about to go find something like 'the jin picture with his hand on his hip'. that's just ridiculous. Post a comment here. I probably will be only buying around $300 worth of things, so make your requests now ^^

comments are screened and only people whos requests will be granted will get a response. with your response will be the price of the actual item at the time bought. some prices may be lower or higher, depending on where i shop. so the sooner you comment, the lower the price will be. S&H will be decided after I get back home.

Anyway, if this is at all bad on any of the comms i post this at, please feel free to delete this. This is just a courtesy service from me, since i know how expensive being a Johnny's fan can be. If i don't get back to you, it means that your request was denied. so please don't load me with 'hey, did you get my comment? are you going to answer' and stuff like that. Although, questions are understandable and will be answered in the order they are recieved. again, please try to be nice, as i'm trying to be nice as well. I only have so much room in my bags ^^

Love and kisses from Japan!

[mp3s] Ha-Ha, Six Senses, Fight All Night, Dream Boy

I bring mp3s! All of the songs are encoded at 320kbps and, where appropriate, the beginning and end volume fades so the track doesn't just start and end so abruptly. (I'm very anal about my music like that. XD) They're all yousendit links, but I can upload them to megaupload if necessary. Or someone else can. Comments are very much appreciated!

So, anyway, I was over at jin_daily this morning and discovered that the lovely yokumiz uploaded Jin's performance of Ha-Ha from the new Dream Boys dvd (which I can't afford yet >_<) and so I decided to make an mp3 of it!

And here it is!
Akanishi Jin - Ha-Ha (DBS06)

And then I ripped this, which has totally already been posted here, I think, but what the heck, right?
Six Senses

And then I tried my hand at editing out all the screaming fangirls from Six Senses. I failed, of course, but I figure I'll post it anyway. The screaming isn't as high pitched, but it's still there. :( I'm probably the only one in the world who is anal enough to be able to tell these two mp3s apart.
Six Senses 2.0

And then I decided to rip the other Dream Boy musical! So far, I just have two songs... and they're not KAT-TUN, but you'll just have to deal with me posting them here.
Dream Boy - Takki
Dream Boy (slow version) - Takki

OMFG! Edit!!!!
Kanjani 8 and KAT-TUN medley from Takki's Dream Boy. Mostly Kanjani8. Please, if you take this one, leave a comment. I actually edited out all the dialogue from between the verses, so it took a little longer to do.
All of Me For You / Fight All Night medley

And then just KAT-TUN this time. Again from Takki's Dream Boy.
Fight All Night

I'll also take any requests you might have from the Takki Dream Boy dvd but hurry before I delete it from my computer! Or if there are any Shounen Club performances from 2005 that you want... It's been raining here for the last week and a half and I've been trying to keep myself busy and inside, so... I rip audio.

Devils Beside You

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The Last part of Butterfly Trap *Arashi and Kattun*

Title: Butterfly Trap
Pairing: in this chapter, there isn't really any pairings, it's kinda the same from the last chapter, except there isn't anything really going on
Minor Characters: Ermmm...there are none, they all have their fair share.
Disclaimer: I own them in my dreams...and then I wake up...and realize that i don't own them in real life...don't hurt me *sniffles...goes back to dream land*
Genre: this chapter has angsty stuff in it, some comedy, some smut, fluff, it has it all...who am i kidding? It's kinda sad, but it's not horrible sad.
Rating: 14A ??? lol...i'm not good at ratings...i mean, it's not like i can stop people from reading...but meh...it's 14A for potential smut content
Summary: Ohno makes everyone talk, Kame's reason for hurting Jin is revealed, Junno turns out to be a little well...@$%&#^ to say teh least >.< Ueda gets to take revenge on Jin. Jin also creeps the living daylights out of Ohno hehe ^^

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