June 28th, 2006

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KAT-TUN Music Game

Because I'm weird. =P

KAT-TUN Ver.01

Basically, I'm going list lyrics from different KAT-TUN songs and you have to guess which songs they are.

1. Most of them are KAT-TUN's original songs (including solos), but there are a few songs that are by their senpai as well they had sang.
2. The lyrics will be the first or second line of the song. Some songs' first lines include the song title, so I used the second line instead. (Though I kept them as first lines because I was lazy I was nice and decided to have some easy ones.
3. Looking them up on Google or any other search engines is CHEATING.
4. I screened the comments, so you guys can't look at each other's answers.
5. Please answer all the songs you know in one comment...just to make things easier for me.
6. For participation, you may request one song to be uploaded from my JE Music list. Not that I have a lot...but I still might have something you want? =P
7. If you get over 10 songs correct, you're allowed to ask for up to 5 songs to be uploaded from the same list.
8. The one who guessed the most songs aka WINNER, gets to request up to 10 songs from the JE Music list or one video from my JE Video list. If there's no uploads the winner want, I can take ONE PhotoShop request as well. For either icon, header (not a whole layout), forum signature or Friends Only Banner.

(Test your knowledge of KAT-TUN songs!~)

Confusing? Then feel free to ask for clarification. I don't bite. ^^

If there's enough people participating and showing interest, I'll make another one (maybe one for a few different JE groups - more songs?) in the near future.
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[fic] Yabeki - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 already I know~ But... yay. XD; Chapter 3 will soon be up at the journal! ^^ Though to read you need to be friended~ So, if you want. ^_^ Feel free to friend!!

Anyway, here we go~

Title: Yabeki
Author: Ohimechan & Aiko
Pairing: (In this chapter) Jin/Kazuya, Tomohisa/Kazuya, hints of Shige/Koyama
Characters: X-Group: Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki. Y-Group: Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki, Nakamaru Yuichi. Still in no group: Kusano Hironori.
Disclaimer: General Disclaimer and stuff.
Genre: School fic, angst, love, hate - all that stuff.
Rating: PG13 (I think? I don't know!)
Word Count: 4 520

Fake Cut to Real Confusion~

Previous Chapter/s:
Chapter 1

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Hello, minna...

I've been lurking in this comm for a... year now and decided to join in.

I've been a KAT-TUN fan since the Red Sun days, yesh that long... I have forgotten how many years have passed.  I'm in love with all the members... except for Jin, he and I have some sort of hate/love relationship. ºshrugsº

I now I'm going to have fun in this comm so...

Nice to meet you.

(Too many: ... ) 
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