June 26th, 2006


*whipes brow*  I have been making TONS of wallpapers recently since it's summer and I have had a lot of free time.  So I bring them to you!  I'll be making walls of each individual KAT-TUN member (eventually), but for now I just have:

Junnosuke Taguchi +1
Akanishi Jin +1
KAT-TUN Group +3

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[31] - KAT-TUN

[10] - Tackey and Tsubasa (mostly Takki)
[6] - Sowelu
[4] - Otsuka Ai
[4] - Shimatani Hitomi
[2] - NewS (Nishikido Ryo)
[2] - Se7en

*Comment, they're really appreciated and they motivate me to make more icons!  (I'm a comment whore lol)

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