June 25th, 2006

yuuwaku Kame

Utawara Caps

this week's utawara.....not as fun =v=
Jin's Solo is allllll awesomely SEXY and all
but i thought there's going to be soccer!!!!
what happened to that????
oh well, at least Jin's CARE is SEXY as HELL! yeah~
here are some caps of Jin's solo and Showa Bijin
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Introduction and a small piccie post

Hello everyone~! I've been lurking in the community for a month or so, and finally decided to surface XD Well in my defense, I was waiting for something to come in the mail so I won't come empty-handed.

Anyways, I've only been following KAT-TUN's news for the last... 2 months or so? But yeah, they are definitely very addictive. XDD They made me open a new LJ devoted entirely to them (although Kame is the focus here XDD), plus go online to try and find their goodies! Like the Real Face limited edition box, the singles, the DVDs.... my bank account has filed for divorce with me. D: ...Anyhow, my road to this addiction first experience with KAT-TUN (or rather, Kame) began with Gokusen 2, Kindaichi, and Nobuta wo Produce. :D I liked Kame more in Nobuta wo Produce than in Gokusen 2, but hell, it IS Kame. I am not complaining. >D One thing led to another, and next thing I know, I am spending my waking (or non-waking) minutes looking them up through the comms! XDDD

Well, if you are interested, I have some piccies here at my LJ. I hope this is okay - I don't know if anyone's put these up before, so I apologize in advance if these are duplicates. Please visit if you like, and thank you to everyone who brings KAT-TUN news/piccies/downloads! Let's all support them as much as we can, ne? ^.^v
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ueda boxing

Introduction, promotions, and icons post

Hello I'm a new fan to Kat-tun. They are like the only jpop boy band i like.

I'm a maintainer of a j-entertainment community called genzou_graphics The comm right now only has jrock type graphics and i would love to see some more jpop graphics especially kat-tun and especially ueda:P

Heres a banner i made recently for it. I could also change the text to say Kat-tun is love if anyone wants.

And also i've made some kat-tun icons also
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comments make me happyXD
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[mp3] Care

Hi! I've posted here before with a different LJ username, but it's time to start fresh! Or something. Anyway, I finally have something to share with the community! Woo!

Tada! It's Jin's 060625Utawara performance of Care! In mp3 form! Yay!!! I finally found an easy way to rip audio from video files!

Anyway, feel free to upload it to other places.

Original video file from http://clubbox.co.kr/apinkmaru XDDD