June 24th, 2006

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Butterfly Trap Fic update again ^^

Title: Butterfly Trap
: meela2389
Pairing: As of now, Jin x Ueda, and a hint of Akame and umm....Tame?(junnoXkame)...I have so many idea's in my head, they may change ^^
Minor Characters
: none this chapter
: I own them in my dreams...and then I wake up...and realize that i don't own them in real life...don't hurt me *sniffles...goes back to dream land*
: Shounen-Ai *ish* umm...dramatic comedy??? lol...ummm it's kinda undecided as of now. but i'd say somewhat a mixture of fluff and smut.
: 14A ??? lol...i'm not good at ratings...14A for potential smut content
: Ueda gives in to Jin, whereas Kame crumbles. Junno comforts Kame, and remembers his own fall from heaven after dealing with Jin. Both are a little more than worried for Ueda, but Kame decides to warn Ueda more about hurting Jin, than the other way around.

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Today's Dose of KAT-TUN

For those of you that are regular visitors to Ryuuko's Moments, you may be wondering wth is this random person popping up...well yes I'm just a translator so I hereby ask you not to blame the wonderful Ryuuko for any mistakes that this weird fangirl made and please just deal with me= =

..yes enough babbling

A list of today's news

Sapuri CM
Jin DoCoMo poster
Sapuri HP
[SIGNAL] radio CM
Oricon ranking
24 hours TV

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rainbow-coloured leggies! :D


Hey everyone! It's my first post here and I have some icons to contribute.

13 x Akame
o8 x Yamashita Tomohisa (Kurosagi)
16 x Koike Teppei
16 x Wentz Eiji

o1. Please do not hotlink.
o2. Please do not claim them as your own.
o3. Credit would be nice.
o4. Comments are very much appreciated.
o5. Textless icons are not bases, so please do not alter them in any way!
o6. Do not redistribute elsewhere.

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Previous icon batch with the same rules as above:
o1 x Akame
o6 x Akanishi Jin
o5 x Kamenashi Kazuya

o8 x Yamashita Tomohisa
o2 x Hideaki Takizawa
o2 x Tsubasa Imai
o2 x Koike Teppei

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106 ICONS ♥

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first time posting here :x

x(47) KAT-TUN
x(37) Daite Senorita PV x NEWS
x(22) Jdoramas {anego, Gokusen 2, Kindachi, Stand Up!, NwP, & Kurosagi}

01; please do not alter or steal any icons
02; please do not hotlink
03; comment & credit if using icons
04; do no redistribute
05; all resources are located here @ bottom of info
06; visit citrus designs sometimes :D


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